When we talk about how good a website is, then there are many metrics that help to decide that. DA and PA are 2 of those metrics.

They not only tell you about the authority status of your website, but are also very helpful in SEO. In this article, we will look at both of these metrics in detail.

DA (Domain Authority)

DA or Domain Authority is developed by Moz, and is a popular search engine ranking metric. It is measured out of 100, and helps in predicting how well your website will rank in search results. Higher the score, higher your ability to rank well.

This score measures the strength of your entire domain or sub domain, whichever you have acquired. It considers multiple factors to come to that conclusion. The root domains of your backlinks and total number of links are also counted to calculate this score.

You might wonder how is it helpful much?

While you surely realize how good your website is going, you can also use DA to compare multiple websites. It is often a point of confusion as to which website you should follow and which one is better. This helps you pick one out of the 2 choices you are facing.

When you take help from any skilled seo expert in getting your website ranked, this is one of the metrics they target first. And when DA of your website increases with their help, you realize that they have done a good job!

PA (Page Authority)

Page Authority helps you measure the authority of individual pages on your website. This is also developed by Moz and is another popular metric for judging a website’s page. This metric works similar to DA, except that it predicts about an individual page. PA helps to predict how well a particular page from your website is going to rank in search results.

Unlike DA, it is not used to determine which page is better than the other. You can use this metric to find out which pages of your website are more powerful to get easily ranked. And on which pages, you need to work harder to score.