In today’s time, most of the businesses have to rely on email services. That can be for variety of reasons – Promotions, customer service, attending clients, sharing data, and so on.

And for sending bulk emails like newsletters, you definitely need a mail server. A business cannot use its own personal mail server for sending bulk emails. Rather, it has to rely on external mail servers only. This is mostly used in case of email marketing. And I am sure all of you must understand the need and severity of such marketing, right?

So what would happen if your mail server crashes down?

There are many cases when you are dealing with compromised mail server. It can be due to any reason, calamity at server location, or somebody hacked the server. In either case, you are the one to suffer.

If you are such a business whose major task is done through these bulk emails only, this would result in a huge loss! And that is because when a mail server crashes, it usually takes a lot of time to diagnose and make it live again. What can you do in the meanwhile? Sitting idle would leave you in great losses.

Opt for a backup mail server. Yes, you definitely need that for your business.

Having backup mail server solutions and software give you surety that nothing can go wrong even if the original server fails. All your work can be done through this backup as well then, with no loss whatsoever.

This might be a little costly for you. But in the long run, suffering losses due to non availability of a server is much dangerous than a little cost of email backup service. And for that, you need to very well know a good secondary mail server hack.

Let’s take an example to make this more clear. Suppose you are running a particular sale on your website, such as Black Friday Sale. You want your customers to receive mails in timely manner. You cannot afford any kind of delay. Now imaging your server crashes down just 2 minutes before. Can you imagine the horror? Here, email storage solutions and backup solutions come as a great rescue.