Generally, we have statements ready with us when we need to search something on Google. But what if you only have an image and no words? What if you wish to know about the origins of any image or simply see what this image is about?

When you have no words for an image, and only an image to begin with, you can still carry on your search on Google. This article will help you search for the content based on an image.

Google search

If you wish to search image by Google, then you need to go to the images page of Google. For this, you can visit in any of the browsers you are using on your desktop. This would open up the Google images page where your search will begin.

Upload image

The next step is to upload your image. When you have opened up the said page, you will see a camera icon to the right of the search field. Click that and a window will pop up. Here, you will have 2 options to go to.

  • Paste Image URL
  • Upload an Image

If you have found an image somewhere on the internet, and want to know about it, then just copy and paste the image’s URL into “Paste Image URL” field. Or, if you have the image downloaded somewhere on your system, then simply go to “Upload an Image” tab and select the image from your laptop or computer.

Then hit the “Search by Image” button given in the right of search field. This step would enable Google to take your image into consideration and start the search.

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Review Results

When you have hit the search button, results will start displaying on your screen. If you have uploaded the photo, you will see if that photo has been used elsewhere or not. And if yes, you will find all those websites or places where the same image has been used. This way you can also come to know what that image is about.

Or, if you have copy pasted the URL, you will find various websites that use the same image, and through this you can also find where has the image originally picked up from.

If none of the options above are true, i.e. the image is no where on the internet, then Google will show you the similar photos to the one that you uploaded.