Leadpages are the latest fashion these days. Most of the website builders are using it to make some amazing landing pages for their websites.

But unlike them, there are many bloggers and website makers still out there who have no clue what Leadpages is. And to be frank, even I was one of them until I came across this article which shared review of leadpages. Then I came to know something like this also exist, which is extremely helpful. So I thought why not share this with my readers as well.

Now let me introduce you to this amazing concept. At the end of this article, I am sure you would be having a lot of amazing ideas to implement on your own website.


Every business needs email subscribers to grow. Do you agree with this too?

Leadpages is an online tool which helps you collect those email subscribers. And there are numerous ways by which you can utilize them. Leadpages offer you plenty of templates, which you can use for your events such as webinars, landing pages, etc. in order to increase your subscribers.

In short, it is a landing page builder which you can use on your website and attract people to subscribe to your emails. Usually making landing page is very complex. This is the first thing people come across when they reach your website by various means, so it needs to be super amazing. For this, people usually need professional developers.

But Leadpages has made your task easy. You need not hire any developer now. All you need is a good template from this online tool, and you are ready to hit your landing page. This is a drag and drop tool, where you will only need 5 minutes in order to make a functioning landing page for any of your event.

There are numerous additional features that leadpages provide you with, such as

  • Hosting landing pages
  • Split testing with your different landing page options
  • Detailed marketing analytics
  • Easy integration with other marketing tools
  • Numerous ready to use templates, and so on.

While it helps you grow email subscribers, it should not be confused with email marketing software or any such kind. Email marketing software help you send emails to your subscribers, whereas leadpages only helps you grow the list of those subscribers. The one major benefit why people use leadpages eagerly is because of its templates, which help people create high converting landing pages.