One thing which people need while they surf things online is an easy process of payment. Selecting a product is one task. But if the users have to spend a lot of time in payments as well, then they would be highly frustrated. And making them so is the last thing any online service would need.

So how can you make this process easy for customers? More so, what should ideally be the payment system on your website where you are selling online goods and services?

Here we will touch upon few of those payment system which will enable users of all kinds to shop from your website.


Cash on Delivery

Most of the people today prefer cash on delivery system when they have to buy the products online. One of the strong reasons for this is lack of trust. Who knows if your website will send genuine product or cheat the customers? So to be on a safer side, this COD system is included on all websites so that people may relax and order freely.

But when you have a website that deals with online casinos, such as, there is no point of cash on delivery. So here, the other 2 systems would work, which we are going to discuss further.

Payment Gateways

Gateways like credit cards and debit cards are the most popular medium of payment for all the online goods and services websites. Almost every person who is capable of shopping online, would be having some kind of credit or debit card for sure. And if you become successful in making people trust on your services, then the card becomes the major medium of payments for people.

Online Wallets

There are multiple online wallets available in today’s time. Some of the popular ones which are in use these days include:

  • Paytm
  • Mobikwik
  • PayUMoney, and many more.


Why people prefer these? You don’t have to remember your card details while making payment. When you pay using your debit or credit card, you have to remember card details, and take care of OTP which would be sent on your number. It is, overall, a very lengthy process.

But with payment wallets, all you need to do is connect your wallet and the payment is done! People like to store their money in these wallets, so that payment is just 1 click away. So make sure you incorporate this system in your website as well.