Everybody who is maintaining a website, definitely need a team of people to work on it. There are numerous things that need to be done when you are working on a website for your business:

  • Adding content
  • Promoting on social media
  • Taking care of SEO
  • website development, and so on.

And a single person cannot look after all these things. So he goes for hiring!

Now when we talk about hiring, two scenarios can be possible. One, the company goes with full time employees. or two, it goes with freelancers. Most of the companies keep both kinds of employees.

But still, many prefer to hire freelancers over full time employees. What do you think are the benefits of the same?


Getting full time employees at low price is not really affordable. You have to pay them more since many factors get counted here including transportation. But in the case of freelancers, you can let them know your budget. And whichever candidate is fine with that, he/she can join onboard. Here, suppliers bargaining power is more.

Moreover, you have to keep paying full time employee even when there is no work. They would be sitting idle and getting the money. However, you can let go of the freelancers when the work is done. A lot of money gets saved here.


Many times, you might not get the desired candidates nearby. Then the people might have to migrate from their respective cities and settle at your place. But this action will lead to huge costs since you would have to play more to balance their expenses here. But with freelancers, they can work from anywhere.

For example, when you have a company based on health insurance, you need people who have HIPAA training done. Chances of getting such candidates nearby are slim.

But if you check on freelancer websites, you might get candidates who have successfully completed HIPAA training. So you can hire them for freelancing, as per your company norms.


A full time employee gets engaged over a long period. But instead of engaging him for long time, you can work with freelancers on need basis. You have the freedom of choosing the people as and when work arrives, rather than hiring people and paying them even when there is no work.

All of this makes hiring freelancers a better choice over full time employees.