People are always excited for traveling. Some like to view historic locations, some like adventure, while some like shopping and food. But everyone has some or the other charm related to travel. And for such travel journeys and plans, people turn to some popular travel websites.

Get, Set and Go!

This is what a travel website should make you feel like, one stop solution to all your travel plans. And for this, besides a great web design, there are many more criteria that a travel website should fulfill. There are some basic tools, that if included in your website, would boost the sales by great amount.

Let’s check what these tools are:

Travel Fare Calculator

A person would definitely want to know how much would the travel cost him in total. So adding travel fare calculator on your website is a definite requisite.

For example, if a person is traveling from London to Cardiff, what will be the total price of the flights? Most of the websites reveal this price when a person moves till the checkout page. But having a calculator sort of tool on your website will really be beneficial to the people.

Itinerary Planner

Everyone is looking out for things to do, see, and experience in places they wish to travel. Having such a facility on your website will help people plan out their itinerary with ease. For this, you can include

  • what all are the major attractions in the city,
  • where can one find nice food,
  • what all tours can a person take from the city, and so on.

According to Airborne Digital Marketing Agency, these tools can really help in increasing visitor retention, which is very good for SEO.

Distance Calculator

People might need to plan out their hotel locations based on airport locations or other major attractions. So giving an idea about distance would be helpful. A distance calculator enables people to check the distance between 2 major attractions, time taken to cover those, and hence how should they plan their trip to cover all of this.

These 3 tools, if included in your website, would make your site one of the best for people.