Taxi booking apps like Uber and Ola have reckoned the taxi sector and set new goals in the space. Their outstanding success is enough to motivate business visionaries who are looking for a successful startup. The taxi business is flourishing, however some may think that, it is hard to compete against the kingpins in the taxi sector. We can help you understand how taxi mobile app development services can enable you to handle the strengthening rivalry and guarantee the success of your taxi business.

It’s Mobile App that Makes the Difference

It is reasonable for mention that robust and solid mobile applications are behind the huge success of both Ola and Uber. A recent survey has revealed that 80 percent of the customers incline toward Ola and Uber rather than conventional taxi services. The reason is straightforward: they can book the taxi effortlessly utilizing their mobile devices.  So we can understand the impact of mobile apps on the transportation industry.

How Taxi Mobile App Can Benefit Your Business

We live in the time where different types On-demand applications are unveiled in a new avatar. The taxi dispatch software is in vogue as more people bend towards convenience and comfort.

Here we give a couple of critical business advantages of a custom fitted taxi application:

Business Benefits of Taxi Mobile Applications

A taxi dispatch solution provides comfort to the users. Likewise, it can streamline your business by offering the accompanying features:

Real Time Tracking

The driver knows the location of the passenger and the passenger can track the driver’s location as well. The passenger can also have the ETA of the driver’s arrival.

Better Visibility

You can enjoy enhanced visibility for your taxi solution with a mobile app. You can get an edge over conventional taxi services who haven’t gone for mobile app. By updating your mobile app on a daily basis, you increase the odds of getting more loyal users.

Brand Reputation

Today, Uber and Ola have turned out to be enormous brands. They acquired such reputation with the assistance of enterprise oriented apps. You can likewise create a brand with following their footsteps. By releasing updated versions on a timely basis, you could enhance your reputation among your current users.

User Feedback

The identity of a brand depends on the basis of the review and feedback from the customers. Much the same as some other applications, your taxi application additionally needs an input. The client’s ratings and reviews can enable you to enhance your service further, and subsequently, your business can remain on top. The traditional taxi booking service can’t offer such features since they have no applications. Yet, nowadays, people incline toward the services that look for ratings and reviews from clients.

Upgraded Profitability

You can simply track the driver’s location and his course to complete the trip. You can also check the productivity of your driver through an application. The performance module persuades drivers to work with more efficiency and you can also resolve the issues rapidly. So a taxi app can help your business with upgraded profitability and efficiency.

Functionalities You Need to Include in Your Taxi Application

features and span of development decide the cost for of your bespoke taxi application. Here we will list the basic features, you should incorporate into the application which eventually helps in getting a rough estimate of your app.

Generally, a taxi solution is consolidated of 2 different apps:

  • App for passengers
  • App for drivers

The passenger app incorporates fare calculator, ETA, real time tracking, booking for 3rd person.

The driver app incorporates notification, alerts, optimized routes, earning meter etc…

Wrapping Up

Taxi business is unsafe yet basking with potential. The ideal mix of technical innovation and a strategy to manage consistently changing market dynamics can make you successful owner of a next brand after Ola and Uber. An easy to use taxi booking app can enable you to explore the chances while offering you a focused edge over traditional taxi solutions.