Having both mobile application and a website has become more or less mandatory for the companies today. Small businesses may skip on any of the 2. But as you keep growing, connecting with people on all fronts become necessary. And if you are unable to handle any of the 2 yourself, you can hire a nice mobile app development company. They will look after all your needs to go digital.

One thing we all know, that mobile is the future of the digital world. But when it comes to setting up a business from scratch, what should you begin with? A mobile application? Or a mobile friendly website?

There is no specific answer to this. It lies on 2 factors.

  • What kind of business you are in, and
  • Who is your target audience.

In some segments like Adult, apps are not as prevalent because of restrictions at app stores. We ran across a list of the best mobile adult webcam sites which showcases a vertical where it’s more than just responsive sites.

Rather than going with what everyone is saying, decide for yourself what your requirements are, and then take a decision. Here I will help you to begin.

Mobile App Development

This works best if your target audience is more mobile oriented. For example, if you are into something that is solely youth oriented, like music, photography, games, eCommerce, etc. then it makes sense to start with mobile application. These people hardly spend their time on computers. Hence, having a website first might seem redundant until you gain popularity.

So, to begin with, a mobile app works best for youth oriented content. If you are unable to make an app yourself, or lack manpower at the moment, you can always go with companies who look after the mobile app development.

Mobile friendly Website

Where do you think website works best?

If you are dealing in content that has target audience spread in large categories, having a website first makes more sense. This is best for businesses like magazine, entertainment, and so on. And you can easily create a mobile friendly website using popular platforms like WordPress. Even when you don’t know anything about coding, you can easily handle making a website using WordPress.

Once your business picks up speed, you can then make a mobile app as well, to connect to audience at a larger scale.