You might be active on Facebook in your personal life, and you might also have created a facebook page for your business. But these things do not guarantee successful Facebook marketing. You might not be able to see the desired results from business page, simply because you might be making some mistakes.

Yes, people do make mistakes when it comes to Facebook marketing. And shockingly, they don’t even realize it.

But everyone makes mistakes, right? So there is nothing you need to worry about. All you need to do is be cautious of them, the next time you open up your facebook account to promote your company. And obviously, until you make mistakes, how would you excel in your field?

So here I am sharing few mistakes which people make very commonly when they use Facebook for marketing their businesses.

Making a profile instead of page

Some people make a separate profile for their businesses. This is highly discouraged.

  • One, there is no analytics tool for profiles. So you won’t realize how people are interacting with your company.
  • Two, you cross the unspoken barrier of privacy when you send friend requests to people from your business profile. It would mean that people can see the insides of your business very openly.
  • And three, Facebook might delete your profile, since you are violating its terms of services.

So, the best thing is to make a page for your business from your own profile, rather than going for a separate profile. And this is specially recommended for websites that cater to kids, such as couchtuner, alluc, and more. Although every business needs to apply this point, but kids website should specially have a Facebook page for their business.

Making Facebook group

Again, Facebook page is the only ideal solution you need to take up. Creating a group is also not recommended. This is the most common mistake that many businesses make. Facebook groups are inherently used to bring some people together that share common interests and goals. So making such a group around a single brand will again be violating Facebook rules.

Moreover, groups that are created around a single topic, where a single person is ruling the discussion threads are bound to fail badly. All the people have equal right to speak in a group. Hence, making such a thing for your company is literally not viable.

Posting random content

If you are a company dealing with specific products or services, you need to align your Facebook strategy accordingly. For sure, there are pages where fun and random content is posted regularly. But these pages do not align with any single company or propaganda.

So, posting random content is not a good option for your business. You can surely bring creativity in your content, but keep it limited to what you deal in.