When do businesses need SEO?

We are all aware of how SEO has become mandatory in today’s business, especially the online ones but we never try to know when does the business actually need SEO and why they need it at that point.

Well, the answer is if you have to run a small business in your limited geographical area then SEO is not required. You can achieve it with your business skills, but if you are planning to run an online business or expand your ongoing business and start-ups worldwide with greater ROIs that’s when SEO plays the vital role.

In a world packed with competitors where everyone is running the similar kind of business be it sales, technology, garments,  cosmetics, electronics, jewelry or any other thing SEO is vital in making your business stand out along with a good website else lots of brands are there to overshadow you.

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What impact does SEO have in business?

SEO plays a major role in giving your business a powerful identity which otherwise is next to impossible in this tough competitive market. Following are the 5 powerful results SEO gives to your business:-

  1. Gains Web Traffic

Let’s take an example that you are running a clothing brand online and you also own a good website but what’s the point if you have to wait for the audience to view your website.

SEO, in this case, gives you confidence by increasing web traffic. It improves the rank of your website by displaying it in the top search results and if you have very engaging content it even features you in the top 3 results.

So now as soon as the audiences look for online clothing, your brand will pop up in the top search results giving your website maximum views.

  1. Increases Conversion Rate

Not every individual who visits your website is your customer, your target is not just gaining web traffic in business but to convert millions of audience who visit your website into customers. Without SEO there is no focus on customer specification and any kind of people can open your website just to close it as they are looking for something else.

But with SEO’s analytical procedure the focus is given only on the relevant group of customers that are actually looking for the similar products and services you are selling and target them to turn into your audience and finally customers.

This process of transforming the relevant group of audience to customers helps in increasing the conversion rate for your business.

  1. Builds Trust among Customers

Communicating with the customers, trying to understand their perception and deliver products as per their expectation level are the goals of any successful business.

SEO helps in fulfilling these goals by increasing the presence of your website, web pages and blogs to millions to customers across the world as a result of which you get to interact with them thoroughly in various forums, social media platforms and understand how they are viewing your business.

Interacting makes them feel valued and develops trust in them about your brand.

  1. Helps your business stand out

Normally when you own a good website with an engaging content you expect Google to display it in the first page of the searched results but there is no guarantee that your expectations will be fulfilled or on what basis Google will rank your page.

But SEO helps you to live up the expectations by featuring your website either in the top six paid position of the first page or in the top 10 organic listings or among the three map listings.

Once you have your website featured in any of these three categories you can be quite assured that your business identification will boost up having a greater online presence.

SEO also plays a vital role in maintaining the image of your business by chopping off the negative reviews of the haters and give your business an honest positive identity.

  1. Brand Awareness

Normally it will require a huge effort from your side to make your brand popular across the world without SEO, but with SEO, things get a bit easy as the productive keywords, phrases, backlinks, social media campaigns, PPC campaigns along with various other measures successfully gives you millions of customers and hence it makes your brand popular due to its strong online presence.


Hence considering the above factors it is clear that whenever you are thinking about expanding your business worldwide with a strong online presence of your brand, you have to implement SEO for your business process.