Is your website ranking well in search results?

If not, then you definitely need to work on the SEO front of your website. This is the major factor when you start working on your digital marketing strategy. But to ensure that you do this well enough, you need to consider some local SEO solutions as well.

Once I was working with theĀ internet marketing company NJ, for the SEO needs of one of my projects. And from them, I learned many essential things about the Local SEO, which I would be sharing with you in this article today.

Not same as the Traditional SEO

When you talk about SEO, you imagine getting good rank for generic keywords. But along with that, local SEO is also important. And remember, local SEO is not the same as the traditional SEO.

In local, you rank for location based keywords, such as “hotels near me”. While in traditional SEO, you rank for keywords like “Hotels with swimming pool”. This is essential because the top results which you will notice, will mostly belong to your specified location only.

Takes care of listing consistency

When you are listed on business directories, like Google, Yelp, etc. the information should be accurate and consistent. Even if 1% if the information is mismatched, you will incur heavy losses. Along with that, many more issues may come up, such as:

  • Inaccurate information to your customers
  • Various listings of your business competing against one another
  • Drop in your rankings, and so on.

Local SEO takes care of the listing consistency for you. All the information such as address, contact details, NAP information, etc. should be consistent throughout your listings. This will ensure better ranking of your business.

Online Ratings

Your online ratings and reviews matter a lot in your search engine rankings. These reviews will help you find out whether your customers are satisfied with you or not. Moreover, the actions of your target customers are directly proportional to your online ratings and reviews.

Along with that, if your rankings are good, Google will recognize that and prioritize you in the search results. This means your overall SEO and rankings would improve if your ratings are good. Local SEO takes care of this aspect for you as well.