Most experts agree that small businesses making over $2 million a year should be spending at least 1 percent of their annual profits on technology upgrades. Failing to upgrade the technology will only lead to productivity issues in the future.

One of the main things you need to consider when trying to keep up with changing technology trends is having reliable and powerful serves to run your existing network. If you are like most business owners, you have heard about VPS hosting but aren’t really sure what it entails.

In essence, VPS hosting offers you the same power and convenience of a dedicated server for a fraction of the cost. If you are looking for a way to expand your capabilities and the power of your network, VPS hosting is definitely a great investment.

These servers are created through the use of virtualization software. While these private servers are housed in a physical server room, they are completely independent from it. You will also not have to worry about sharing a server when using VPS hosting.

The following are some of the benefits that come with embracing the reliability and power of VPS hosting.

1. VPS Provides You With Reliability

Low productivity levels are simply not an option for a growing business. Allowing productivity levels to decline as a result of network outages or computer problems will cost you a lot of money. If you are tired of the unreliable service you are getting from a shared server, now may be the time to invest in VPS hosting.

VPS allows you to avoid sharing resources, which will improve the reliability of your network substantially. Shared servers allow the computing activities and traffic of other customers to interfere with your network speeds. While a shared server may be cheaper, it will leave you very disappointed when it comes to performance. Instead of letting your need to save money affect your ability to work on a consistent basis, you need to think about branching out and using VPS hosting.

2. Dedicated Resources are a Good Thing

Most business owners wish they could buy a dedicated server due to how convenient and powerful they are. When getting VPS hosting, you will be able to get many of the things a dedicated server provides without having to break the bank. All of the resources on your VPS will belong to you, which means you don’t have to worry about slowing down during peak computing hours.

Also, the amount of CPU, RAM and disk space you get with a VPS plan will be far more than any shared hosting account you will find. This means you can handle more traffic and run more software and apps without problems occurring. Find out more about how to effectively manage the apps your business runs by visiting this webpage. Increasing the power of your network can be the push needed to take your company to the next level.


3. A Higher Level of Performance

Since VPS hosting provides your business with dedicated resources, it goes without saying that your network will perform better. The increased processing power provided by a VPS will allow you to handle more website traffic without fear of crashing. A growing business needs the reassurance that they can handle traffic from new customers without problems occurring.

With a more powerful website, your level of user engagement will start to rise. This will also lead to higher conversion rates, which will only lead to your bottom line growing.

The processing power of your network will also rise when using a VPS. If you have a number of employees trying to access the same software or web-applications, having this power is a must. Are you looking for more information on why VPS hosting is the wave of the future? If so, be sure to check out information from this source Cheap Windows VPS | Fastest VPS Hosting – AccuWeb Hosting.

4. The Freedom to Choose Your Own Operating System

One of the biggest complaints most business owners have when it comes to using a shared server is the inability to choose their own operating system. Having to “just deal” with the operating system a shared server provider gives you can be aggravating, especially when none of your software is compatible with it.

With a VPS, you will be able to choose your own operating system. This means that you can get compatible software. Even if the software and apps you have are resource heavy, you should have no problem running them with a VPS. Having this kind of freedom allows you to take advantage of the latest software solutions in your industry with ease.

5. More Control of Server Configuration

Opting for VPS hosting also provides you with root access to your servers. Basically, this means you have more control over how your servers are setup and the configuration they have. This is especially helpful for businesses who want to put all of their server power behind their website. Businesses who run a large online store will generally need more processing power to provide their customers with a great experience.

If you are unsure about how to configure your servers, working with an IT professional is a great idea. With their assistance, you will be able to get this configuration done without fear of mistakes occurring.


6. Get the Tech Support You Need

Most VPS hosting companies provide their customers with 24/7 tech support. This is especially helpful if you experience server issues outside of regular business owners. The longer these issues are allowed to persist, the more money you will ultimately lose.

Before choosing a VPS hosting provider, be sure to take the time to figure out what each one offers. Trying to rush through this important decision can come back to haunt you in the future. The time and effort you put into doing your homework will definitely pay off.

Rather than dealing with the frustration that comes with using a shared server, you need to think about using a VPS. Improving the reliability and functionality of your server is easy when using this type of hosting.