Registering a new domain name is undoubtedly a significant decision for your online business. However, it’s best to give the matter considerable thought before selecting your name. The crucial thing to think about is what type of website addresses are currently available, and this will involve some research.

It’s also worth having multiple options in mind so if your first choice isn’t available; then you have at least one alternative to register instead.  Of course, these days there are several different domain suffixes from which to choose. So, this is another thing to think about before deciding on your domain name. The subject for this article looks at the role Google should play in your choice and the reasons it’s important to consider Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

A strong keyword will help customers find you randomly

Many people often fall into the trap of thinking a catchy name is the most important thing. The logic is sound enough because once a customer sees your name, they may be intrigued enough to find out more details about your business. However, that is jumping too far ahead of the process, and you need to think about the step before that.

The crucial thing is consumers can find your website through more random search terms. That process all starts with a searchable name. Therefore, something to think about before registering a domain name is which keyword is most important to your business. Of course, it’s also vital this name fits within your overall business identity.

It’s crucial your customers can easily remember your name

Again, going back to the first point it’s essential your customers can remember your name. You may be proud to come up with a catchy name for your website. However, consider how easy it would be to recognise it as a customer.

A more searchable name may be more memorable which means even if a customer can’t remember your exact website address, they will know enough to find you via Google. So, in contrast to the first point this about customers remembering your name rather than coming across your website randomly.

Content and social media marketing will work more efficiently using this method

Remember content and social media marketing are crucial elements to successful SEO. Therefore, it’s important to consider this even before registering your domain name. The critical thing here is it’s easier to use a mainstream search term in content/social marketing than a more unusual name.

You certainly want to make your life as straightforward as possible with all things digital marketing. It’s important to recognise that often a simple strategy can be the most effective. However, smart you are, the SEO must work for you.

Registering a domain name is one of the critical decisions for your business. It’s often true that you don’t get a second chance to make an excellent first impression. Therefore, this article has looked at some of the big reasons Google searches and SEO are crucial when choosing the best website address. Remember that a searchable name helps customers find you randomly, ensures they can do so you when they remember your name but not your address and makes things with content and social media so much easier and more efficient.