SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is used to rank web pages at the top locations of search engine to make it possible for a web page to attract maximum number of people to it. Various SEO tools are available which can help an organisation to rank their respective webpage well.

In today’s time, even mobile platforms are demanding optimisation of website to make it possible to see the webpages at the best possible positions on a search engine. According to SEO Manchester, optimising your website for search engine is very important and you must take it seriously.

Here in this post, we have enlisted the set of factors which google use to rank a given webpage at a specific position.

Unique Content

In the world of SEO, it is said that “Content is the King”. This simply means that only a unique and useful content finds the right place on a search engine. In this, the readability of a content matters a lot in determining a great deal in enabling a web page to rank well on a search engine.

Sentence should be short, non-repetitive and human friendly so that it becomes easy for the readers to read it in an interesting manner.


Choosing the right keywords plays a significant role in doing a good SEO of a webpage. Various keyword finders tools are available which enable a person to choose primary as well as secondary keywords with less difficulty to include into the content to make it possible for a search engine to recognise a given webpage.

Even, finding suitable keywords to use is also a very difficult task which needs the right approach from a person. SEO Liverpool, a reputed digital marketing consultant has asserted that the right use of keywords can make a huge difference in increasing the organic traffic of a website.


Backlink means the linking from another website to your website. The more the number of backlinks to your site, more will be the value of your website. It is of utmost importance to check the authority and traffic of a website from where a backlink is taken.

All the backlinks should be useful to the visitors on your website and must be from real websites. Link relevancy must be ensured by analysing content as well as using other SEO tools.

So, these are the some of the points which every beginner needs to understand before diving into the world of SEO.