Having online reviews from your customers is very essential for your business. There are various advantages to that.

  • Your local SEO improves, and you will rank higher in the search results
  • Reviews help develop trust between the company and customers

Now there are so many platforms where a person can submit or read reviews. But since Google is the biggest platform today, reviews here are much more important and read than any other platform. Hence you need your customers to submit the reviews about your services or products here on Google.

But how to get google business reviews for your business? Here are few tips for you to encourage your customers.

Email Marketing

You must be having email marketing campaigns for your business. And if that is so, utilize them to ask reviews. After a certain time period, which is neither too early nor too late, ask your customers to review your service. Ask them what are their thoughts about your business, your products, etc. and see whether they were impressed by you or not.

This is also a great way to know how you can improve your services more. Email marketing is a wonderful way used by majority of companies today. Not only you can send them newsletters or offers, you can also ask people for reviews through these emails.

Linking to the Google review page

Customers are very busy today. They would not go searching for your Google My Business review page to submit their thoughts. So if you need them to give reviews, you need to make this as easy as possible for them.

Give a link to your Google My Business Page on your website, or when they make a purchase. This link will take them directly to the page where reviews are mentioned. This way, customers can easily contribute their thoughts without going through much of a hassle.

Incentivize reviews

Sometimes you need to incentivize your customers for taking out time and writing a review. But make sure you incentivize them to just write the review, and not “good review”. Good incentives can be lucky winner, discount on the products, business cash in the account, and so on.

One negative review can be dealt by adding multiple positive reviews. So you can encourage your customers to submit reviews on the web as much as possible to improve your overall ratings and rankings.