Privacy has become a major concern for businesses today. While digital security is one thing, securing your office and work is also important. And for that, video surveillance becomes necessary.

So, if asked in one word, businesses should definitely spend on the video surveillances. But why? What can be the major contributors to this decision?

Reduce Theft

Theft occurs not just from outside. While you can keep security guard to take care of outside theft, what about inside? There can be employees who are stealing your data or office supplies. Surveillance helps keep a check on this fact.

Theft is a major concern which a business must weigh. It can happen anytime, anywhere, and of anything. Not only your physical properties are at stake, intellectual properties also face the danger. So make sure you consider this factor before making your decision.

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Boost Productivity

When you keep a check on employees, they are more likely to become sincere towards their work. When they know that no one is monitoring them, they keep loitering around in the office, spending time talking and eating. But with proper surveillance, their focus on work increases, thereby improving the productivity, hence sales for your business.

This way, even managers will spend less time keeping a check on their employees, and more time on improving their work. So in both ways, your productivity increases with just a single video surveillance equipment. And the surveillance system installation cost is also not much that it will bother you.


Now a days, a lot of people complain of sexual harassment in their offices. With proper surveillance, you can even curb such issues once and for all. Such cases not only impact men and women involved in the case, even your productivity, financial status and reputation comes at a stake.

So you need to take measures for overall safety of every employee of your office. Not just in terms of theft and productivity, safety as well. Using surveillance can discourage such irrational and irresponsible behavior and make your employees more sincere towards their work.