The answer to this question, unfortunately is both yes and no. And that’s because a number of factors will determine whether your social media marketing campaign will be a success or not.

Every marketer and site owner probably knows of social media marketing today. But is it worth all the hype?

There are studies showing that just 38% of marketers can measure how well their social media campaigns are doing. Also, only about 48% admit to seeing a return on the investments they have made in social media marketing. That means there is a good number of businesses that cannot prove that social media offers them any benefits.

But according to, statistics on social media usage can be convincingly deceptive. For starters, regular people, business owners and even corporations are now on social media. That is another way of saying everyone is on social media. So, what marketing option could be more effective than promoting your products and services on social media forums?

The truth is that social media is not effective for all businesses. Sometimes that is because these businesses don’t know how to use it properly. But at other times, it’s because this is not the best way to market that kind of business, although this is rarely the case.

How Well the Social Media Marketing Strategy is Implemented?

According to VIP Realty, your business needs to execute its social media marketing strategy properly to get any tangible results. Most people forget to consider the sustainability of the social media marketing strategy they are using to market their services.

Social media needs constant attention to keep customers engaged. Otherwise the neglect might not only make it less effective, it might work against a business’ favor by making it appear unresponsive and disinterested in customer affairs. So here are some recommended social media marketing services that you must undertake.

Target Customers

While there are customers who will readily engage you when you reach out through social media, there is a category of social media users who will hardly find time for that.

Although a site like Facebook has over a billion daily active users, it could be that your target customers are not the sort willing to engage you on social media. For instance, if you are marketing to corporations and other businesses, chances are that they will spend their time on social media tending to their clients, not their business associates.

That is why you should ask yourself important questions about the relevance of social media for your line of business. For instance, buyers of consumer products tend to respond well to social media marketing, which is why a site like Kitchen Faucet Guides can effectively use social media marketing to promote its affiliate marketing business on social media. That is not always the case with some business niches.

The Focus of the Social Media Campaign

Some social media marketers think that getting more likes, shares and clicks translates into more business. Generally, this is true, but for many businesses, the alleged benefits are not apparent. Not all social media buzzes translate into sales, and marketers need to understand this.

Therefore, the posts and the information you post on social medial to attract the attention of your followers needs to improve the possibility of getting a sales conversion. If a sleek holiday wishes presentation gets a lot of shares on social media, it does not mean your business will get more sales. However, if a post you made concerning a product you are promoting gets a lot of clicks and likes, you might be on to something.

The Social Media Channel You are Using

Some social media users are all about videos, others prefer pictures, while others want text-based posts. Today, if your business offers are better marketed in form of videos, then YouTube is your best option.

And if short snappy comments are what works best for you, Twitter and its 140 character posts is what will work best for you. Understanding this before rolling out a social media campaign is the best way to ensure its success.

To Sum Up

Social media marketing sometimes works. But at other times, it does not. Knowing how effective social media will be for your business before you put a lot of money into such campaigns can help you a great deal. Above are some tips to help you determine whether social media marketing will work out for you or not, depending on your line of business and how well you apply this marketing channel.