Once a desert city, Dubai has transformed itself tremendously over the years. And now, the place is not only a popular tourist spot all round the year, it is also becoming a major hub for many new businesses.

People who are looking to start their business on global level, definitely need some place to start from. And with so much advancements and benefits being offered in Dubai, nothing can be a better place. You will rarely find such advantages in any other country of this world.

So let’s look at some of the reasons which makes Dubai the best place to start your business.

Low Lax

Everyone is fully aware of this fact. The tax liability is very less in Dubai. Many of the taxes, which are common in rest of the world, are not prevalent here. These include:

  • Personal Tax
  • VAT
  • Corporate Tax
  • Capital Gains, etc.

Now when you don’t have to worry about profits and taxes, you can work freely here. And that makes Dubai extremely business friendly.

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Inviting Government

The government of this place is also highly inviting and encouraging. There is no agricultural land in this deserted area. So Dubai is solely dependent upon industries as well as businesses for its economy. The entire country runs on such companies and industries only. And that is why the government encourages more and more companies to open up their businesses here.



This place is also expat friendly. So if you have a business in UAE, you can also easily get the visa for residency. Plus there are many awesome rooms to rent in Dubai, making it easy to stay.

Now with this, many additional benefits come into play. You can lease your property freely. The movement in and out of the country also becomes easy. Moreover, you can also get the Schengen visa easily.

Overall, the benefits are huge. All you need is start setting up your business in Dubai.