Having an app for your restaurant is no more a choice, but a need. Feeding people all over the world, knowing their want, getting connected cannot be done on a call. Having an app makes the whole situation much easier.

Let’s look into the essential step towards the same.

Features to have a successful online food ordering website.

1.  User-friendly dashboard

– A straightforward user-friendly dashboard should be implemented, to make it easier for customers to process their need. With the dashboard being creatively unique and well designed, it also is very important that it saves in history of orders, menu and delivery address.

2. Code Referral system

– You can’t just create your business online and not engage for the same with your customers, giving priority and opportunity for your customers is important as well. Hence, customer engagement plays a vital role for every business growth. One of the great way to market your app and gain a profitable facility can be providing coupon codes. Coupon to avail discounts for the first time orders. For this code, your system will need to have the facility of generating referral codes to make it easier for them to refer to your website or even share the app with their friends. While the customers get a discount on their orders, you start developing an easier way to reach out to a wider customer base.

3. Push Notifications

– Foodies find their way through the best of restaurant or online food apps. There are more than one food ordering apps on their phone.

How are you going to get through all the other apps and stand beyond them?

The only way you can stand apart from all other competitors is by sending push notifications. With engaging message popping upon the mobile screen, will keep your potential customers notified constantly about discount and special offers. It also helps in grabbing their attention and at the same keep them engaged.

4. Social Media Marketing

– For marketing, you need to be active in every aspect. It also helps in improving customer decisions. With Social media, contribution towards building your name becomes easier. You get to share the photos of your dishes, you get to share your restaurant’s location as well. This helps in making your app visible and attractive to your customers.

How do you build that website?

1. Custom web design services, helps with building a transformed look for your website. It’s developed with inspired design and advanced technology. It helps with bounce rate, engagement and conversions.

2. SEO Optimization

The most important driver of traffic to your website. How is does it cause an impact for your website?

– Keyword research

Identifying the most important keywords for our website.

– Competition analysis

You will get to know who your competitors are.

– Audit

Will provide you with a basic idea of what an be improved.

– On-page SEO optimization

Identify your on-page requirements

– Off- page Optimization

Build links and promote your website.

3. Easier payment methods.

Not just one, but provide your customers with a number of payment methods.

For example- Paytm, Tez, Credit card, Debit card etc.

Along with the payment methods being easier, your customers should find it easier during the pay. Allowing payments without requiring an account.

4. Target Audience

Your audience should be the ones who opt for online food the most.

College students, find it a little too fussy to bring along their meal in midst of studies and busy activities.

Working professionals, According to a research it shows that men are more likely to order a meal kit. As a workaholic, you tend to forget what you need to be eating or what is to be cooked. Working women, who are also housewives find it difficult to do it all at once.

Let your target audience start with a smaller group, gradually increasing with a higher range.

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