If you are thinking of boosting your online presence, then you have to make sure that you stay on trend! The internet is a powerful tool that can make or break a brand. So, if you want to be at the top of the game, it is worth noting that videos are the IT content when it comes to creating a marketing strategy that brings results.

It is not always about good looks; there are other benefits animated explainer videos can offer. In this article, we will be looking at the ten reasons why you need to have one made and how it can benefit you. Ready to rock the internet catwalk?

How Explainer Videos Can Benefit You:

  • They explain products in seconds
  • Enjoy higher conversion rates
  • They help improve ranking on Google
  • Get to save more on ads
  • They build brand image
  • They’re the perfect pitch
  • They are engaging
  • They offer better Returns on Investment
  • They have top recall rates
  • They work perfectly on mobile
  1. There is a reason why they’re called explainer videos

Explainer videos explain your product in a matter of seconds. If you have been going through our posts, then you already know that the average internet user’s attention span is just eight seconds. In simpler terms, you need to make sure that when someone visits your blog, social media profile or website, you have to quickly explain your brand or business idea before their attention goes elsewhere.

That is where an explainer video comes in handy. These videos aren’t only attractive enough to grab the attention of your viewers; they also show vital product, business or brand information in an educative and compelling manner that keeps them focused – see this guide with great examples here for more information

  1. They Improve Conversion Rates

Converting leads to customers is the ultimate goal of a marketing campaign. Statistics show that 73% of internet users are likely to buy a product or service after they’ve seen an explainer video, so why not take advantage of this?

A properly done explainer video combines a catchy narrative, cute characters, and dedicated target insights for the best results.

  1. They Help Improve Ranking On Google

Fact is Google loves videos, and that is why video content ranks more than other content in search results. In fact, videos are 53x more likely to rank higher than plain text on the giant search engine.

Furthermore, explainer videos can help with ranking, which ultimately means that you could have double results in organic search. Amazing, right?

  1. You Get To Save More On Ads

If your site has a high bounce rate, that means that your SEM efforts aren’t paying off – sure, internet users visit your website because they saw your ad and clicked it, the problem is they aren’t staying.

As videos incorporate audio, motion, and graphics, they’re a useful engagement tool that provides entry points to other channels. More interactive and longer site visits will lower bounce rates since users will be taking in more of your content.

Give it a try: add an explainer video to your website’s landing page and enjoy results at no additional advertising costs.

  1. They Are a Great Way To Improve Your Branding Efforts

Custom content is the way to go, every single time. If you can provide your users with something unique – something only your brand can do – then get ready for some fantastic feedback. Combine that with the power of an explainer video and boom, you stand out from the rest.

The great thing about tailor-made explainer videos is that you can create unique characters that your audience can identify with, apply a color palette, and tell your brand’s story with a tailored script. This will not only inform your audience about how you can help them, but it will also turn your regulars into faithful brand ambassadors.

  1. They are the Perfect Marketing Pitch

Apart from being engaging, videos are very versatile creatures. You can post them on your social networks, publish them on your site, use them as sales presentations, or even embed them in the marketing emails you send to your contact list.

  1. Sharing Is Caring.

The good thing is that people love to share interesting things, and that includes videos they find interesting. As explainer videos are short, yet interesting, that makes them captivating – increasing the chances of people sharing them with other. That’s probably why 92% of all mobile video consumers share the videos they like. Sharing not only amplifies your brand’s voice, but it also creates connections that will, in the long run, improve your search engine optimization results.

  1. Better Returns on Investment

Despite explainer videos being way cheaper than adverts, they are way more effective. With explainer videos, you get to enjoy better returns from your investment. Just remember to track your online video stats to assess their performance better.

  1. They Work Perfectly On Mobile Devices

Videos adjust quite well to small screens, an advantage image and text do not have. Considering that a majority of digital growth today is coming from mobile, it is time you considered explainer videos.

  1. Top Recall Rates

About 80% of people who view a captivating video advert will recall what they saw for almost a month, and 12% of them will end up making a purchase.

Since explainer videos work with sound, compelling storytelling, and animation, your audience will feel identified. As a result, they will be more willing to engage. Our memories work way better when our emotions are involved.

All of these benefits are what a single explainer video will offer your brand. Imagine that! So why not have one created for your business?

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