Understanding how Facebook advertising helps you reach the right audience

Many platforms can help you get your business out in the forefront among others and create ripples as you go. You can reach people through Instagram, Google Plus, and other social media channels. However, none of them boasts as big a reach as Facebook, with over 1.4 billion people on their network.

Now, Facebook may have that wide reach with over 900 million visits daily, but does it really work? See, we’re here to show not its power of reach but it provides the right tools to effectively utilize it. After all, it’s only fair to understand first if paid Facebook campaigns are worth the spend and effort.

In a sense, this article should help you understand if Facebook provides the right platform to get the best ROI. Specifically, if it allows defining and reaching an exact target audience that should lead to higher conversions.

Getting Down to It

So let’s get down to the details, what does Facebook have to offer?

The Ultimate Social Media Channel

We can’t deny it; anyone who’s anyone is on Facebook, along with everyone else. Maybe not the entirety of the world, but definitely the people most businesses aim to reach.

This in itself already provides a huge advantage since it’s a platform that your audience willingly and regularly access. Might we add, addictively too?  However, more than that Facebook meets specific features that make it a complete package, ideal for businesses, specifically:

    • Simplicity in design
    • Straightforward and easy ad creation process
    • Lighter training costs (for future employees)
    • Flexibility in budgets and better performing click rates

Unparalleled Targeting Opportunities

While Google Ad words target users who search or query specific words on their search engine, Facebook Ads targets audiences differently. Specifically, Facebook Ads lets you define a specific demographic, location and even interests providing better precision in targeting. In this sense, Facebook beats Google Ad words in precision.

How does this translate in terms of reach? Let’s consider a few examples:

  • Imagine you have a small business based in one specific location. With a flawlessly written Facebook Ad, you get a hassle-free reach to decision makers. See, you can set targeting options to reach small business owners in that particular location.

This means getting your niche market at your doorstep easily.

  • Target a demographic by gender, age, relationship status, and even interest groups. In this feature, Facebook outperforms other ad networks with a 90% accuracy in targeting performance. Especially when it comes to targeting people with the same interests, Facebook ads hits the bulls-eye with each ad.

The Largest Scale/Audience Size

Remember that 1.15 billion active users Facebook boasts about? Well, about 60% of that consistently login daily (or stay logged in all-day). You can just imagine their engagement levels too!

Facebook users are popular not just for light casual use; most users keep an eager interest on their feeds. So, imagine getting to this massive population of quality users for your ultimate niche audience? It’s the perfect place for the perfect ad isn’t it?

More considering both quality and quantity of such audience, you’re close to 100% sure that Facebook has your target audience. This means you have a good opportunity to astutely advertise to this audience without time limitations whilst achieving optimal results.

Imagine even reaching users who didn’t even realize your products/services existed or imagined using. For example, you can reach users who don’t actively search for smart home appliances yet find it interesting when noticed. TheHouseWire, an Amazon Affiliate website, uses something similar in their advertising, as well as Labagile.

The Ultimate Tracking Algorithm

Despite its complex and multitudes of algorithms behind it, Facebook makes measuring your ROI a breeze.  Moreover, the interface itself looks easy and straightforward making it easy for anyone managing the ad campaigns.

You can easily assess and quantify the success or failure of your paid ad campaigns following performance metrics. This includes:

  • Conversions and Cost Metrics: Average cost per like, click or sale conversion
  • Content Engagement Metrics: page/post likes, comments, shares and clicks
  • Other metrics including: frequencies, demographic data, impressions reach and many more.

Useful Tip: You can get the best idea about the Facebook ad image size which will improve the reach on Facebook.

Should You Be Careful of Anything?

Working with a thin budget can be quite challenging when to get optimal results for a wider overall campaign. See, you will user a hefty amount of time and money as you build up a database of your audience.

Reaching a larger audience through promoted posts means more than just getting likes, you need them engaged. Moreover, paying a boosted post to simply appear on your audience’s feed won’t guarantee they will see it. As such, we recommend hiring an experience campaign manager who understands your business requirements and expectations.

An expert will be able to achieve optimal results whilst managing costs and keeping ad spending at bay.

The Verdict: Is Facebook Advertising Ideal for Small Businesses?

Overall, it really does. Most especially considering the precision and wide reach you can achieve in comparison to other advertising platforms. Moreover, you don’t have to spend as much and begin to experiment and promote on a smaller budget.