A website’s success depends on many parameters. And bounce rate is one of the most important parameters out of all. If the bounce rate of your website is high, your website would not rank good in search results.

But before you talk about how you can reduce your bounce rate, what do you understand by this term?

Bounce Rate

People can land on your website from multiple sources, such as

  • Google Search Results
  • Links on other website
  • Social Media
  • Advertisements, and so on.

They usually land on your website to read the given content. When they leave the website after just going through the given page, they contribute to the bounce rate.

In other terms, bounce rate is the percentage of people, who leave your website after visiting just 1 page. They do not navigate through any other page. And that can be due to multiple reasons. Either your website is not that appealing that they want to read further, or they did not like any interesting content, or anything else. Reason can be any.

But having a high bounce rate goes against you, and can severely hamper your success.

How to reduce bounce rate?

Now there are number of ways you can reduce this bounce rate. Some of the easy ways are:

  • Reduce your page load time
  • Add interactive content, such as polls
  • Use less promotions
  • Make good use of sidebar widget
  • Give relevant content, and so on.

Out of all, interactive content is one kind where you can easily work upon without much efforts. And polls usually are the best way to do that. But how can the website polls help reduce your bounce rate?

Website Polls

Polls are more like quizzes. And quizzes, if made interesting, are usually loved a lot by people. They are usually a question, followed by multiple answers. People click the answer they find most relevant to the question. And after submitting, they can see the results of the poll as to how much vote did their option get.

This is often used when you have to find out something interesting. For example, if your website is about movies, you can take a poll on “Which actor will win Best Actor award this year?”, and then you can give some popular options. Now who doesn’t love to see their favorite actor winning everywhere?

This thought itself will push people to vote and interact with your website. Once this is done, your bounce rate reduces! And making a poll is not at all a difficult task. If you are unable to make a good poll yourself, you can always check with theĀ poll maker to help you out with your requirements.

The overall aim is to make people click somewhere else as well and interact with your website.