Over the years, cryptocurrencies have risen in popularity. Even though Bitcoin has suffered somewhat this year, but the overall growth of these currencies has been tremendous. And because of that, many new crypto currencies are coming up in the market today.

Now, most of the bloggers and developers have integrated this currency in their websites as well. Whether it is simply showing the crypto tracker, or making payments via this channel, cryptocurrencies have merged with many websites in today’s time.

Crypto Pros

Let’s take an example of business like casinos. There exist many live casinos today which have started taking bettings in terms of bitcoin. Click here to check out some of such casinos.

So it makes all the more sense to look at some of the plugins for all such websites.


If you want to accept payments on your website in terms of Bitcoin or other such currency, then GoURL has become one of the preferred WordPress plugins today. And it not just accepts the payments, it also helps you integrate with WooCommerce, bbPress, Paid Memberships Pro, and so on.

This is fairly easy to use and easily integrates with any kind of website. But it charges the website owners, 1.5% of the fee for any transaction.


Cryptocurrency All in One

This is another common plugin, in use by many people today. It is a multi purpose cryptocurrency plugin, serving multiple tasks on a website. In the free version, you can accept payments in any crypto currency. While in paid, you can also order the payments.

Coming to the multi purpose part, it can help you show the current crypto currency prices on your website, display the exchange rates and market cap, and even add a calculator to help people calculate the price of crypto currency in different formats.


If you do not want the plugin or 3rd party to charge you transaction fee, then this is your go-to plugin. It is a payment gateway for your WooCommerce website. And some of the reasons why this is so popular are because it has 0 transaction fee, and has no 3rd party intermediaries.

This is something which makes most of the crypto currency owners and fans happy about.