Building a high ranking website on search engines can be quite involving. More so, the SEO game is not only about enabling the search engines to get your pages but also allowing them to rank high in the search results for a given page. It is also about helpful content for visitors to your site.

Granted, competition is stiff and there are no written rules to follow. Luckily still, you can combine a number of tactics to ensure that your ranking is at its best.

There are several ways to improve the performance of a given website. However, optimization of your pages needs consistent maintenance. Testing is crucial as well as the monitoring. Below is a list of quick wins for onsite SEO for a web app development.

Keep Check on Your Site Indexing Status

You should check on your site domain on the Google app to verify the number of pages Google has indexed for your site. It should be a major concern if Google is showing either more or fewer pages than what you actually have it in your website. Having fewer indexed pages on your Google domain is an indication that it is not possible to index all of them while more indexed pages may point to a problem of content duplication.

Generate the XML sitemap and Add Your Site to Webmaster

XML and HTML are technical terms for systems designed to store and transport data. The XML sitemap on your website will assist in directing the search engine. It gives details of the pages contained on your website to enhance better searching through your site. Your sitemap should then appear on a Webmaster tool to ensure it is indexed.

Countercheck for Duplicate Content

Duplicate content on your pages should be checked using tools like sideliner and Copyscape. You use these tools to run a quick search engine optimization check for duplicated content for both offsite and onsite. The screaming frog tool can also appear for this check.

Ensure Consistent NAP for Your Business

NAP simply refers to Name, Address, and Phone number. Naturally, these are tools that people use to search for businesses online. The consistency, validity, and accuracy of such information are of great importance to your site’s ranking.

Make effort to ensure your business is available on the various popular data search providers like yellow pages, bing, Foursquare, Yelp among others. Your Business Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) should be uniform across all the data search providers. Once you update your NAP details, you can use the Moz local tool to carry out a quick check across the popular search engines.

Ensure You Optimize Your Site with Mobile Devices

At a time when mobile devices are speedily becoming a primary medium for browsing, it is crucial to ensure that your website can easily be accessed on them. From research conducted, more than 50% of mobile users are more likely to visit a business site or store after running a local search. Visitors will undoubtedly be discouraged if your site takes a lot of time to load on mobile. Therefore, it is critical to ensure your site loads fast and is lean.

Bear in mind that if a visitor is impressed by the response of your site on a mobile device, they are likely to make more frequent visits from the device. In so doing, you will have converted them to customers, which should be a primary goal for your business.

Confirm the Load Speed of Your Site

Using tools such as the page speed tool on Google developers, you can quickly check on how slow or fast your site loads. This check will inform you of the cause for the slow speed of your site to enable you to fix it instantly. Other tools to use in analyzing your website speed are GTmetrix and Pingdom which reports the pace along with recommendations on how to improve.

Speed is a primary concern to website visitors. They are quickly discouraged from websites that respond too slowly, whether on a mobile device or any other browsing medium. This is one of the basic concerns you must eliminate from your website and can also be achieved through web app development.

Reclaim Links to Your Site

Inbound and outbound links play a vital role in enhancing the performance of your website. One continuous way of maintaining your site at the top is by finding and fixing links that could be broken on your website or on websites linked to your site. After looking for pages that refer to your business without any connection, request them to link back to your website.

Allow Content Optimization

This is probably an obvious one but should be taken seriously as it involves quite a lot of undertakings. One of the easiest ways is to ensure that visitors on your site find a call to action button that is effective to ensure they take the desired action.

Check to Ensure You Use Keywords

You should find the relevant keywords that visitors will most likely use to find you. These keywords should appear in your title tags and headers with minimum repetition. You can use the keyword planner from Google ad words to see and check on the performance of keywords.

Ensure your site doesn’t get Hit by Any Penalty or Algorithmic Update

You should go to Google analytics to evaluate whether there has been any drop in your organic traffic. A Google penalty might be the cause for a fall in traffic. Ensure you conduct a regular check of your website’s traffic and rankings for keywords. A notable drop could be due to an updated Google. Also, an algorithmic or manual penalty could result when Google finds out a violation of its quality principles.

Final Words

Some of the discussed issues can be managed without external help while others may need professional help. However, if you successfully implement the above techniques, you can significantly enhance your website’s performance and visitors’ experience. The modern business environment is highly competitive and you must make an extra effort to beat the competition.