data Recovery is the process through which the lost, stolen, deleted or corrupted data is recovered. That can be carried out on storage devices from where the data is damaged, or any other hardware device from where the data can be accessed.

Normally when the hardware or system failures occur, data recovery specialists are called upon to recover that inaccessible data.

But how does this data gets impacted?

Causes of Data Loss

People sometimes misunderstand this concept. They believe if a file is deleted from its location in a laptop or computer, data loss occurs. BUT, that data can easily be restored from recycle bin.

The kind of data loss we are referring to here happens, when the data is not at all located on the whole system, or it has become inaccessible. Some of the common reasons why this data loss can occur include:

  • Damage to hard drive
  • Human errors
  • Malicious attacks
  • Natural Disaster
  • Unintentionally deleting the data
  • System theft, and so on.

How data recovery helps?

When the data is damaged, or becomes inaccessible, data recovery needs to be done. But this is not a generic process for every kind of data loss. Data recovery takes place depending upon various factors, such as – data recovery software, backup process earlier used, target place where backup was done, and the situation when data was lost.

Sometimes you can restore the lost files from desktop or computer easily. At other times, you might need specialists to performs the task for you. They can restore your data from a corrupted database and also help retrieve files that were not backed up earlier but were there in fragments on hard drive.

The only reason data recovery can take place is because the data and the information about that data is stored in 2 different places. So, if the data is lost, its information will still remain somewhere, using which the data recovery can happen.