Barring the fact that doctors get one of the highest salaries in developed countries, being a doctor is really the best profession. But in many parts of the world, doctors are highly underappreciated, and even have to do overwork most of the times.

If we look by the scenario in the whole world as a whole, doctors have to work more than most of the people. They even don’t get much appreciated and respected for what they do. All of this definitely leads to disheartening in many of the doctors. They might even start regretting choosing this profession. But even then, we are saying you are the best.

Want to know why we believe so?

You get to do something most people don’t

Here we are talking about opening up animals and humans. Although the body might not be beautiful enough from inside, but it surely is fascinating and interesting. Moreover, no one else have the strength or power to cut the body as perfectly as you do. Even when you are not a surgeon, you can do something which most of the people don’t have access of capabilities to.

And this fact was something I realized when I met the Bellevue Dentist for one of my friend’s dental treatment. I was really amazed at what all they could do.

You are next to God

I know quite weird statement! But that is the fact.

Most of the people treat doctors next to God, just because they save their life or of someone very dear to them. Imagine if no doctors were there in this world. Neither will the medicines be invented, nor the people would have been cured from terminal diseases.

Heart surgeries and brain surgeries are the most critical of all. One mistake, or one ignorance, the person is dead. Despite that, people come out alive from the operation theatre in maximum cases. Now if this is not due to the talented doctors, then what is?

Not just these surgeries, again, every kind of doctor has that power which no one else has. No one else can cure the severe problems than the doctors. So shouldn’t they be treated like Gods? No doubt I say doctor is the best profession in this world.