Every person has some fascination with accessing blocked websites,  no matter what the kind of content is. And that is possible when you use VPN. But is that all a VPN can do?

A VPN, or a virtual private network, is a wonderful tool when you are online. Basically, VPN is like a secure tunnel where you go down and access the internet. You are fully secure as long as you are under VPN. And that is how blocked websites are made available. But there are numerous other things that you can do with a VPN. It is not all about blocked access. Let’s have a look at some of its capabilities.

ISP Tracking

You might be knowing about various controversies that are going in US around the personal data. Plus, when you search for something on the internet, you start seeing the targeted ads based on the search everywhere you go. This sometimes become highly frustrating for people.

Moreover, ISPs are now permitted to use your data anyway they want. They can even sell your location, history, etc. to the companies. This is enough for users to seek anonymity now.

And to avoid that, you need to block your ISP from tracking you. And once again, that is possible with the help of a VPN. With VPN service, such as VPN Portalen in Sweden, ISP won’t be able to track you at all, no matter what sort of, or how high level of tracking they were doing earlier.

Online Shopping

Let’s say you are traveling to some other country for vacation or work. But you want to order something online so that it will be delivered to your home by the time you come back. Unfortunately, that won’t be possible on a normal network. When you browse the website from a foreign country, that country’s version of the website opens up. And this makes it difficult to order your things from your home website.

What would you do in that case?

VPN allows you to change your location to any of your preferred country. So you can easily be able to access the website in your country once you set the VPN. Now you can continue your online shopping.

Wi-Fi Security

With tremendous growth of digital platform, more and more places have started offering free Wi-Fi services. But this free service comes with a great risk. Since the network is free, anyone can access your device or misuse it. When you access your email or other social networks, or simply share your file over the network, your personal details also get transmitted. Anyone can hack that data and misuse it.

Home Wi-Fi have passwords to keep the data secure. But public Wi-Fi is open. This makes your data highly susceptible.

Here as well, VPN comes to your rescue. Your data would now be secure and your traffic will be encrypted. But if you are still not using the VPN, it is better you make sure your files are encrypted before you share them over the internet. So for this, you can look out for some best file encryption software that will take care of your security for you.

This way, you will stay safe maximum times, even if you are not using a VPN.