If you are working, you probably would have developed the habit of coffee by now. And not just the working professionals, even students also get used to this drink if there is a lot of stress.

But is getting used to coffee the right thing? When the work pressure is extremely high, people easily get deviated to having coffee to keep their mind functioning. This is particularly the case with professionals working at higher posts, or lawyers (such as those from Spodek Law Group), and so on.

The high amount of caffeine that a coffee has help activate the brain for a little longer duration. And when the work stress prolongs, more and more coffee cups adorn the table.

This needs to stop. Even when you are stressed, you need to give up on coffee, and switch to better and healthy alternatives. For example, Pique’s matcha green tea is the best alternative if you are planning to switch from the coffee.

Green tea also gives you the same boost of energy, while at the same time being beneficial for your body. But about giving up coffee, here are some reasons why you should do that.

More Stress

Though you drink coffee to reduce stress, the coffee ends up giving you more stress in a longer run. The caffeine that a coffee cup has, spikes up the stress hormones in your body, as a result of which you feel more stressed.

The coffee also makes your heart beat rapidly and your hands may start shaking. Obviously all of this does not happen much if you are drinking coffee rarely. But if you are a habitual drinker, this is as dangerous to your body as any other drug.

If you have been drinking coffee for a long time, you might not notice all of these results. But when you will switch to better alternatives, you will start discovering how your stress levels have reduced.

Many office places have now installed Iced tea makers (https://www.bestadvisor.com/iced-tea-maker) to make things easier for their employees. You can do the same. Follow the above link to learn more about it.

Body Pains

There are more disadvantages to coffee than its advantages. Instead of relieving you of your problems, coffee adds few more problems of its own. You will start feeling stomach pain and indigestion, thanks to your cup of coffee. And that is because it is highly acidic in nature. You might be already knowing how acidic foods cause gastric problems in your stomach.

As a result of this, you face stomach ache, acid reflux, and heart burns. In the long run, it can lead to the injury of your intestinal tissue too.

Hence it is time you give up on that cup of coffee and start drinking better things.