If you want to learn Internet Marketing, then Awol Academy is one of the solutions you have got.

AWOL stands for Another Way of Life.

This academy helps you out in setting your business, no matter which stage you are in knowledge. Whether you are a new entrant to the business line, or are an entrepreneur with some experience before hand, Awol Academy can help you out in every situation.

Instead of looking for short term successes, it believes in working on the long term approach.

Overall, this academy takes a holistic approach to all your marketing efforts, since every effort counts in building the long term success. While doing this, the Awol Academy takes into consideration the increasing complexity of internet marketing landscape, and then help you out with the best principles and strategies.

Review of the academy

So far, you read what the company is all about. But how good or bad is the academy? Let’s have a look at the¬†Awol Academy Review.

The academy is well accredited with¬†Better Business Bureau (BBB), which gave it “B+” rating. Whenever a company is accredited by BBB, then it is a great sign for its reputation. This rating means that any complaint by the audience is taken very seriously by the business.

You also get in-depth tutorials which would help you a lot to set up your own business. Though the cost is huge, but training program is extensive. In short, every material you would need to successfully launch your business, you would find that under one shed with Awol Academy.

You also get to interact with the leading Digital Marketing experts from the industry. This itself is a great plus point for any budding entrepreneur. BUT, everything provided is still not worth the $20,000 that you give for this course. (Yes, that is the price you have to pay!)

However, you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with the course. That is, the Academy also has money back guarantee, though you just have 14 days to decide that.

One of the biggest drawbacks other than the cost is, that the course focuses primarily on paid traffic. If you are spending so much on course already, why should you spend on getting customers too? This can be done without the course as well, right? There are many hidden costs too. You have to buy some extra tools as well just to get the system running smoothly. There are many extra disadvantages to it as well, which overall rule out any positives you would find from this Academy.

So, in one word review – BAD.