Sometimes, a person wishes to listen the sound of YouTube videos offline too. Though not the video itself, but just the song and music, for example. In that case, downloading YouTube video to the MP3 seems the best option.

And for that, you will find so many YouTube to MP3 converters on the web. Not all are same, not all are good. So which one do you think works better?

Here is our suggestion for you, if you also wish to download your youtube video to MP3 and listen offline, at a high quality.

Easy YouTube MP3

This is one of the best websites where you can not only download your YouTube video into MP3, but also an add on too. This add on can be installed on the Youtube Website, through a user script manager. And then you just have to click that button on the YouTube channel and your video would be converted and downloaded.

Here are the steps to do that.

These are the steps in nutshell. You can visit the website itself, to make your job much easier with the clickable links present on the website.

Why you need such converter?

Let’s say you just came across a mashup of your favorite songs on the Youtube channel. It is very less likely that you will be able to find the MP3 version of that mashup anywhere on the web. Plus, you cannot always open YouTube and listen to the song. Because

  1. It would consume a lot of internet
  2. You don’t always get fast internet service everywhere
  3. And, you cannot listen to these songs when you are traveling through trains or airplanes.

Also, you may need to convert any downloaded video file to audio, for example, convert mp4 to wav. Another online file converter, AnyConv, will help you with this.

So, converting these Youtube videos to MP3 seems the best option at hand. Moreover, even if you can find MP3 version anywhere on the web, it would take a lot of time for you to search the website again and again where the song would be available. So a YouTube converter comes handy in such situations, making your task very easy.