It is the year 2019 and things have evolved a great deal in the world of SEO in the past five to 10 years. Google’s latest integration of Rankbrain is focused more on human behavior and semantic search.

Search results are streamlined more toward trusted and quality websites with excellent content. These sites have earned more trust in the eyes of Google, based on providing content that their readers come to seek out and learn from.

There are many practices that are factored in for high SEO search results. Some of these are directly correlated with your website on page SEO optimization, and the others practices are related to what happens outside of the website.

Google rolled out their Google Mobile Friendly test in July of 2018, and this has changed the scope of the design and development of websites.

A good website should be designed for Mobile use, first and foremost. This will insure higher indexing for mobile search, and make a huge impact on your overall mobile search results. You can learn more about this here: Responsive Website Design and Why Your Business Needs it

Let’s have a look at 3 excellent SEO practices that will play a big role for increasing your online business SEO search results in the year of 2019.

A quick loading – Mobile Friendly and responsive website will do wonders

Over 53% of the current Internet users, are searching for products and services on their mobile phone. This number is just rapidly rising, making it absolutely imperative to have your business website rendering optimally for mobile phone users.

As mentioned earlier, the Mobile Friendly test is here, and having a well developed mobile friendly website is crucial for you’re your mobile SEO results. Don’t hesitate any longer and get your website tested at the Google Mobile Friendly site if you have not already done so.

Website speed also plays a role for higher SERPs. Speed has been a ranking factor from Google on desktop search for a good while now. But, in their recent Mobile Friendly update, it now plays a direct factor for Mobile search results.

Get your website tested on the Google Page Speed Insights right away. Take your speed scores and see how you can improve these by making the necessary adjustments to your site.

If this is beyond the scope of your knowledge, then find an excellent web developer or web design company to get your website in top shape for rendering well, and loading quickly on mobile phones and all other digital devices.

Create quality content for high user intent while naturally integrating your keywords

All SEO experts will agree that the quality of content on your website plays a big role for obtaining higher search results. The general rule of thumb is to write for your users and not just the search engines.

While it is important and imperative for getting your high traffic keywords in your content, the way you go about it, is another story.

Google’s Rankbrain correlates with Semantic search and is topic based. This is where writing naturally about a topic that covers your product and services can pay big dividends for your Google search results, while keeping your visitors happy.

Your visitors want to learn and be engaged for what you have to offer them. Stuffing tons of keywords in your content while providing no real value for your users, just doesn’t work for Google anymore.

Article spinning and content scraping have lost their ground as Google is catching on to these tactics and rewarding the sites that provide unique content.

The bottom line here: write naturally for your readers, keep them interested and engaged for what you have to offer. Your keywords will just come out naturally and feel less promotional.

This will lead to high user engagement and a lower bounce rate which bodes very well for your SEO and your customer conversion rates.

Develop a custom back linking strategy that focuses on high authority – trusted and relevant websites

In the present year of 2019, obtaining excellent back links to your website is more challenging than ever!

Many of the better websites are no longer accepting well written guest posts. Outreach has become more time consuming, but when staying patient, the big break will eventually come. The owner of a high authority website will entertain the idea of accepting your excellent content for their readers to have.

Publishing excellent Editorial articles on high authority websites that have a well and trusted back link profile should be high on the list for your back linking strategy. The time for doing the outreach and writing the article is well worth it! And for that, there are some agencies as well which assist, such as OutreachMonks.

Your time might be limited for reaching out to blog owners for guest posting opportunities. Or if you are not quite sure on a method of how to go about this, then there are other options to consider. A big suggestion would be to consult an expert SEO company to learn more about this.

Directories, forums, and Web 2.0 links are just not having the same effect and result for better SEO results, like they used to. One good Editorial post, or Press release is worth way more than a bunch of low-grade directory links.

Hence, stay focused on writing quality and unique content for high authority blogs as your main back linking strategy option.

Use tools like A hrefs and Moz Open Explorer to get the link profiles and spam score for any website you may consider contacting for a guest post opportunity.

A high Domain Authority means nothing, if the website has a lot of harmful websites linking to it (high spam score). These websites will harm your SEO efforts more than anything. Research is a must and needs to be done for making this strategy work and have positive results for your website SEO rankings.


A fast and mobile friendly website with quality content and high authority back links will do wonders for your SEO in this current year of 2019. It really isn’t rocket science, but Google is making business websites put in a bit more time and effort for earning their spot in the high rankings.

This also makes for a better and more streamlined experience for all of us that grew tired of sifting through the spammy websites that were ranking high in the SERPs. It is all about quality over quantity!