Recently, the demand for marketing specialists is increasing with the popularity in internet sales and the prevalence of digital marketing. However, employers noticed that despite many candidates are quite skilful; they lack essential digital marketing skills required by the modern market. Here I’m going to investigate why it’s so.

The problem is that university curricula related to digital marketing don’t match the current needs of potential employers. Nowadays, digital marketing emphasizes content marketing (CM), search engine optimisation (SEO) promotion and social media campaigns. The reason behind this tendency is that for many potential buyers design of companies’ websites and their contents plays a significant role. Therefore, future marketers should meet these requirements. Let’s consider which skills are presently required from candidates that they don’t learn in colleges, but need to get to match employers’ requirements.

Which Skills Students Actually Lack?

As a rule, curricula programs offer the following courses:

  • Marketing management;
  • Quantitative analysis;
  • Analytics;
  • Techniques of digital marketing research.

Undoubtedly, these skills are essential for any specialist in the field, but the fast development of digital marketing approaches sets new requirements for students each year. Unfortunately, universities’ curricula fall behind this fast pace.

Also, curricula don’t cover these important tools:

  • SEO (search engine optimization);
  • CMS;
  • Marketing automation;
  • Social media promotion;
  • Content marketing;
  • Marketing funnels;
  • Lead generation.

These skills are the essentials of modern digital marketing programs. However, students don’t learn these subjects in universities. These are the desired skills to put on a resume of each student applying for a respective position in any company as the majority of modern firms aim to reveal their online presence nowadays. A high quality resume is available in article writer service if your resume skills are questionable. Now I will discuss three key digital marketing skills to emphasize if you strive for a successful career.

Social Media

Modern students are familiar with social media and utilise various platforms. However, this doesn’t mean that they are professional in social media promotion. Social media plays a significant role in the promotion of brands, helps communicate with influencers and prove their expertise. But a disappointing trend is that programs developed in the majority of global universities totally disregard this approach.

Young people who are searching for jobs in this field should understand how to generate online traffic and increase leads. Also, firms should be visible to search engines and increase the number of leads targeting the increase in sales. Aiming to fulfil these requirements specific knowledge is needed. Also, experience in advertising and promotion of firms in professional networks like LinkedIn is appreciated. It means that all educational institutions should pay attention to these trends and introduce updated social media programs in curricula. 

Content Marketing

A direct approach to engage customers was effective earlier, but nowadays firms have to prove that they are worth customers’ attention since customers are sceptical today. Now companies should take time to show customers their expertise, solve their problems and educate them. This explains CM prevalence over other approaches. Companies feel the necessity of talking to potential clients and explaining why they should prefer them over competitors. Also, customers have a wide choice, and they chose reliable companies. However, developing trust takes efforts and CM aids to fulfil this task.

SEO is a part of a digital marketing strategy associated with CM and online promotion. SEO skills help promote firms and make them visible for Google. Clients prefer companies that appear on the first page of the Google search engine. Therefore, it’s clear why it’s so important to optimize content taking into account Google requirements. Many companies run their own blogs and use video to capture potential clients’ attention. Therefore, applicants that possess these skills have better chances of being employed.

Marketing Funnels and Lead Generation

It’s quite difficult to generate leads. To achieve objectives of digital marketing strategy, a company needs to meet customers’ needs on each stage of the selling process. Candidates who understand how a lead generating model works can succeed in any position as it is the main skill for any specialist in the field. Additionally, they should understand how marketing funnels’ work and content that meets customer needs in each segment. One should know your target audience and employ respective content since some customers prefer to read something using a blog, others derive information from e-books and so on. Besides, a successful candidate should know CMS as many companies specify this requirement in the job ads. Hence, the experience of using CMS such as WordPress or Joomla is an essential advantage.


Obviously, higher education institutions preparing specialists in digital marketing should reconsider their studying programs according to the current requirements. A possible solution is a collaboration with specialised organisations or top professionals in this field. Another approach is to consult with employers regarding the skills they require from applicants. This will aid keep pace with the current needs of the industry and satisfy the needs of potential employers. At present, many colleges and universities should make curricula changes that target preparing qualified specialists. As for now, many students miss the chance to get employed in the area after graduation.

About the Author

William Stewart is a PhD in Marketing of the leading global university. Stewart publishes his article in online scientific journals. His works on this subject are appreciated by other professionals. Besides, Mr Stewart teaches this discipline and runs a personal blog related to various digital marketing issues.