When you are in a profession like lawyers, etc. then you might be working in an office where the complete building is yours. It also happens when you are a part of any multi national firm, having large number of employees working under it.

A big building of office, most of the times mean having a good garden space in the front. But many people just don’t know how to utilize it well. There are numerous things you can do with that garden, instead of just decorating it with plants. Here are few things I have in my mind, which you can consider if you like them.

Design with furniture

You can easily get good furniture, such as rattan 6 seater cube for your lawn or space outside of office. Either buy it from any furniture shop near you, or you can even order that online from Aosom garden.

This furniture will give a great place to sit for your employees and have some nice leisure time to themselves. Employees can also use this space for their lunch breaks, and occasional tea breaks. Overall, designing your outdoor garden space with furniture will prove to be highly beneficial for your office.

Conduct open garden meetings

Garden is not necessarily only for decoration. For a change, you can also hold meetings in this garden space. Let the people also enjoy open sky, sun, and a gush of wind while they are having some meetings. Obviously, you cannot use this if some presentation is scheduled. But if some general discussion and meeting is to take place, without the need of projector or white board, then you can definitely shift your location to this garden space.

Open garden meetings will give a great change of environment to your employees, and they will present there with an open mind now. With the open environment comes open ideas. And you will notice the change in your strategies and results, when you will conduct such open meetings.

Install beautiful artifacts

Besides taking care of the seating, you can also work on installing beautiful artifacts in the garden. Today, there are various options available in Garden statues, as well as blooming flowers, that will make the garden in front of your office look exceptionally beautiful and refreshing.

This will not just give a good look to the garden, but will also allow better efficiency in work when your surroundings are beautiful. And when you will conduct meetings in the beautifully set up garden, you will start to notice the joy and energy your colleagues and clients are feeling.