If there is a technological investment that is presently consuming a huge chunk of resources for just about any business, it is maintaining an enviable online presence. Not only is a great online presence vital for business survival but also one that requires a lot of continuous learning.

Modern brands have to inevitably face stiff competition at a global level which is made even stiffer when the battle is taken online. How then can businesses build brands with the assistance of outstanding web design? What must businesses do to create and maintain their brands uniquely online? In this article, we discuss tips that will prove helpful in the journey to outstanding brand building.

Work Towards a Creative Color Choice

As you make color choices for your branding purposes, you must bear in mind that color has a way of evoking and stimulating emotions, besides being playing the ever critical role of enhancing the overall beauty of any object and subject.

Consider the following generally accepted perceptions about colors.

Red: It is associated with energy, passion, power as well as excitement. In the entertainment industry, brands use color red immensely.

Green: This is the color of nature, youth, health, profit, prospects of growth among others. It is also seen as calm and will be found in wellness and health brands including hospitals.

In line with these examples, your reasons for choosing particular color brands must go hand in hand with the reasoning behind your choices

Colors may also be used to reflect the values, visions, and ambitions of a brand. In this regard, your color choices must be carefully be given the necessary consideration.

Pick The Right Font and Stick to it

One of the main reasons why you can distinguish one newspaper from the other (without necessarily referring to the brand name at the top page) is because of the typefaces/ font. Pick, for instance, The New York Times; whether you read it online or pick one from a newspaper stand, there would be no confusing it for any other.

Your online presence must also be informed by such choices and endeavor to be equally distinguished.

When choosing the appropriate fonts, a number of factors must be considered. The most obvious of these is, of course, legibility or the ease of readability. Choose fonts that shape characters as they should be read and help in keeping the word in the right form and shape.

Consider your audience as well. A good example is fonts meant for children content. Naturally, some fonts would be more appealing to them than to adults. Similarly, other fonts can be used to make communication with a more serious tone while others depict light moments. Take time and careful steps to settle on your fonts.

Give your Brand an Emotional Appeal

Is your brand able to evoke an emotional attachment on your readers?

Can you make your brand so appealing that those who associate with it can defend it with an emotional attachment?

If you do this, then you will have not only a battalion of loyal followers but one of the most successful brands online. How do you do that?

If you have had of the saying “Content is King,” this is where it applies best. What you feed you what keeps them coming for more.  Branding Experts SketchCorp recommends that as you build you go about this, make them cry, laugh, giggle and all that while still communicating.

Use color, accurate and informative data as well as correct and proper grammar to awaken their appetite for more. This is how you create emotionally appealing brands.

Your Logo Speaks Volumes

This is probably a subject that can be discussed endlessly but one that has a long list of examples.

Some of the world’s most outstanding brands keep it as simple as just a single word, whereas others use simplified symbols that are easy to memorize.

It must be enhanced through size, shape, and color.

In web design, logo position is an element of great importance. The top left position is one of the generally acknowledge place where logos are easy to spot. This position also allows you to make just a small size of the logo and still remain visible.

Give your Brand a Formidable Character

Consider the following: When people see your brand online or offline what comes into their mind?

An organization that delivers its promises or the one with rude customer service managers?

An organization that has concern for the environment or one that leads to making the world a harmful habitat?

It takes time to build character even at a personal level. Organizations can, however, leverage on web design to give character to their brands.

Use Images and Videos Creatively

Online presence is about choosing the most useful method to communicate with your audience. Images and videos have become an integral part of modern communication especially when it comes to the internet.

You can use them to the advantage of your brand.

Some brands have grown big through vlogs and other You-Tube videos. These too can be integrated into your web design and help to push your brand forward.

Unique Web Styling

The overall web design you choose for your brand goes a long way in shaping your brand’s image.

As you design your website, take care of every technical aspect that will affect the way your content appears on the website. For instance, give careful consideration to the theme you choose as this will determine the entire arrangement of all aspects of the website.

At the same time, make it appealing and user-friendly so that it doesn’t turn away users at any point.


Building a brand through outstanding web design is a rather daunting task and one that requires a focused approach. However, there are several approaches one can use to scale through competition. At the same time, you can use a combination of tactics to build your brand online. Importantly, remain consistent even when your brand has broken even and continue to be more innovative in your approach.