How do you decide the credibility of a product or any service before purchasing it? Although there are no such criteria to judge this thing unless a person makes use of that product or service. One could read the reviews from other reputed sources to decide which brand to choose from those available in the market. However, it is important to take into consideration the reviews of the sources which offer some reliable information. There are certain parameters which decide whether a review is reliable or not. Read below to know about the reliability of a review by reading the below-mentioned points.

Quality Feedback

It is very important to read only accurate and quality feedback. However, most of the open review sites are loaded with fabricated reviews. There is no point to decide whether a review is genuine or not. Some reviews are influenced by competitors as they post negative opinions about a given product or brand. While other ways to sabotage the review system is to post fake positive reviews with a fake identity. In today’s time, even media has been used for profit and only a small number of reviews are authentic. Hence, it is of high importance to use the discretion to rely only on honest reviews while purchasing any product. A proper mechanism should also be there on every site to decide whether the reviews are reliable or not.

Review Volume

Another factor which decides the reliability of the review system is the volume of reviews on a site. Most of the companies offer an incentive to leave a review which could either be negative or positive or neutral. For eg; SEO reseller reviews on a site could contain some fake review or influence reviews. When a new visitor arrives on a website, it is the volume of reviews that appeal to him. Hence, the mixed reviews on a given site would not appeal to the prospective customers and at this time the review volume comes into the picture.

Review Timings

Review timing is also an important factor which plays a crucial role in deciding the authenticity of a given product. Most of the companies post old reviews on their sites to appeal to a huge mass of customers. Hence, care must be taken to track the timing when the reviews were posted. One should not just focus on review quality or review quantity as it is important to take into account the timings of reviews to decide the reliability of a review.