Every company has employees who play a significant role in the progress of the company. However, employees of a company need breaks from their work at regular intervals. There are various types of categories under which a person can take a leave from his company. How many leaves should a person get while working in a company? This is a burning question which has been asked by people on a large scale. Different people have a different opinion on the counting of leaves a person should get from his company. In this post, we have discussed the number of leaves a company should grant each year.

Many people also gave a fake doctor note to their employers to help them get a leave for a medical issue. This impacts the morale of other employees as they work diligently to contribute to the growth of their company. So, it is important to fix the holidays which an employee can take from his company. The leave policy differs in different companies and also it depends on the nature of employment. There are a high number of unorganized sectors as well as organized sectors in every field in the world. In the organized sector, the rules are followed to safeguard the rights of the employees. But in the unorganized sector, many employers don’t care about the rights of employees. They also don’t give them the required number of leaves to take a break from their work. There should be a policy in every company regarding the leaves granted to its employees.

According to us, an employee should be eligible for leave after a period of 20 days. Also, apart from this, there should be two holidays in a week to help employees maintain a balance between their personal and professional life. If a person gets a proper rest at regular intervals, then it becomes easier for him to focus on his work more clearly. This simply boosts his productivity which ultimately contributes to the growth of a company. Also, getting holidays at a regular interval of time simply helps a person to learn new skills which helps in the development of his personality. One should also try to avoid taking unnecessary holidays to use those in the time of emergency. Hence, to conclude one should say that there should be at least 20-30 holidays in a year in a company.