Playing poker is a favorite pass time as well as a hobby for a huge number of people across the world. In today’s fast pacing world, not many people have enough time to choose a fixed time as well as a place to play poker. Hence, almost everyone prefers to play poker online using their Android mobile phones. Many poker apps are available for Android mobile phones which make it easier to play casino at anytime and anyplace. There are certain advantages as well as disadvantages of playing poker on Android mobile phones which are discussed below in complete detail.


  • Flexibility to Play Poker – Using android mobile phones, one could play poker at any place as well as any time according to one’s choice. As it is not possible in today’s lifestyle to stay in one place, so it is convenient to use mobile poker apps to play the game whenever one gets free time. You can surf many popular sites to play poker at your flexible time.
  • Bonuses and Promotions – Not only just one could enjoy playing poker but also one gets many other perks such as bonuses and promotions in into the higher levels of this game. These bonuses make the game more interesting and increase the attention of the players into the game. One could play poker from this android poker sites to enjoy the game to the fullest.
  • Win Money by Playing with Real Money – Apart from playing poker for free, you could also enjoy the game by investing your money by opening an account on any of the poker sites. This way, you could easily win money by playing poker and you will feel all the more entertaining in doing so.


  • Challenging to Play Multi-Table Poker Games – One of the most challenging tasks to play poker online is that it is difficult to take actions while playing multi-table poker games on Android mobile phones. However, this is easier to do so on desktop versions of poker apps.
  • Restrictions in Withdrawal of Funds – Some poker sites out restrictions on the withdrawal of funds and it is not easier to take out funds easily from the poker account. This depends on the policies as well as the rules of many poker sites and people face a lot of difficulties in taking their funds out from their poker accounts. Also, many players also feel difficult to understand the working of many poker apps hence, it becomes difficult for them to use Android mobile phones to play poker if it is difficult to do so.