For every online business to flourish in the digital world, it must show its presence to the global audience on a large scale. Many entrepreneurs or other business owners decide to save money in one way or another in the beginning days of their venture. One area where they try to save money is in choosing the cheap web hosting for their website. Is it a good decision to choose a cheap web hosting for your online business website? Certainly not, in fact, it might turn out to be a nightmare for you in the long run. Below we have mentioned the reasons why it not wise to choose a cheap hosting for your website.

Slow Page Loading

Many web hosting companies offer hosting and domain service at a cheap rate. This seems attractive when you look at the services that their package include. Large storage, high bandwidth, and free web design solution. Slow page performance is one of the main problems which websites get when you choose to host your website with a cheap web hosting. As such low standard companies share the same server for hosting so many websites, so the page loading speed decreases significantly. This simply affects the performance of your business as no one would like to invest one’s time on a website with a slow speed.

Affect the Ranking of a Website

It has been seen in many studies that it is the back-end performance of your website that affects the SEO and rankings of your website. All it matters is to get the content from the server and the more advanced the back-end infrastructure, the higher will be the ranking of a website. Since cheap web hosting services do not have proper resources so the speed of the web server to give content is slow. Also, the downtime during DDoS attacks also impacts the ranking as well as the performance of a website. Hence, to decide between let’s say, GoDaddy vs Hostgator, you must keep in mind several factors into account before choosing the one out of the two.

Poor Customer Service

If you choose a cheap web hosting, then you might feel good in the initial days. But when you strike with problems, then you will realize that these web hosting companies do not offer timely customer service. And even if they give customer support, then they don’t have professional technology experts to suggest a solution to your problem. This delay simply costs you a huge amount of money. And also, these cheap web hosting services will ask you to upgrade to the premium version of their web service which means you will have to pay more money to meet your needs.