Do you publish high-quality content regularly on your website? Doesn’t your content earn a lot of traffic to your web page?

This is due to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Yes, you need to do on-page as well as off-page SEO to generate more traffic to your site. So, publishing high-quality content is not the only thing you do for your website. Instead, you need to consider SEO for every single article you publish on your website.

I think the answer to the topic has been delivered already. It is obvious that your content needs to do SEO work.

That’s why SEO is still relevant!

Besides, to maintain the position you have gained on the first page of Google, you need to do some SEO work (both on-page and off-page). If you are not good at this industry, you can take help from others whether personal or agency like jasa seo.

Otherwise, it will take too much time to rank your site on the SERP though still, it is not sure. Say, you have run a business and have the best products out there in the market. Or, you are a company that help people set up a new company in different location, such as Netherlands company formation. Even your competitors’ products are not good enough in comparison to yours. But nobody knows even your close friends about your products.

What will happen then? Just sit back to your armchair and think for a while and I think you will discover the answer yourself.

Content along with good SEO is King!

It is true that the algorithm of Google changes over times. And they try to show the best relevant results to their searchers. If your content is not in-depth and relevant, it is sure you will lose your position after a few months even if you are on the first page of Google. In this regard, you have to keep pace with the changes in their algorithm in order to achieve a good position in their search.

The basic is that you have to create great content on your specific industry and Google loves it. But along with great content, you need to do some SEO works so that your great content comes across in the search. So, this is the combination of great content and SEO to see the best results. And the result is that your content will perform better than others.

Keyword stuffing has changed greatly

In old practices a few years back, webmasters stuffed keywords many places so that they can get lots of visitors to their sites. Now the algorithm has changed dramatically, and those sites with keyword stuffing have received Google penalties. As a result, they lost their traffic also.

So, your content needs to be topically enriched first. But you have to optimize your keywords in your content naturally. Instead of stuffing keywords, all you can do is to put LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords naturally where they can come with the flaw of writing. You should not put any keyword forcefully. If you do so, you may not get a good result as you might think.

Here is the same concept of relevancy of SEO. Without proper knowledge on SEO, you cannot find good, and high search volume keyword and also cannot position them properly where they need to position in your content.

SEO or advertisement with Google (Google Adwords)

Are you on a tight budget? Or, are you not willing to spend a lot of money to grow your business?

If you are into a business like Furniture, such as Furniture in Fashion, then SEO is a must for you. By knowing proper SEO skills and applying it to your content’s marketing, you can generate traffic to your site. There are many proven methods of driving traffic to your site if you can play well with SEO.

On the other hand, if you have enough budget, you can directly start promoting your site’s content with Google Adwords. Still, you need to know SEO because without having sufficient knowledge of finding good keywords which have high search volume, your advertising may not see its success. As a result, you will lose your money ending up only a few traffic to your website.

A mobile-friendly site with great user experience

In 2019, sites optimized greatly for mobile search perform better than others. And the search engine wants your sites to be loaded fast in the mobile search. It is called Google’s mobile-first index, and it has already started to perform its action. Using proper heading with media like images, videos, infographics and so forth refers to user experience greatly. Besides, if your site does not load fast, it will lose its dwell time that is another signal to convince the search engine.

So, good SEO practice is now more important than ever. You have to cope with the changing reality of the search engine and how they treat with your content.

Don’t overlook Google’s rank braid

Google’s rank braid is a machine learning system by which it evaluates the interactions of searchers with their showing results. If you are on the first page of Google and have not topically enriched content on a certain topic, searchers may not spend a long time on your site. As a result, it sends bad dwell time signal to the search engine. Consequently, your site loses its position on the first page of Google.

But, what if you have sufficient knowledge about the term ‘Rank Brain’?

You can optimize your content according to the rules of SEO and climb higher in the SERP day by day.

Final Verdict

You must learn SEO to keep pace with the changing algorithm of search engines. Search Engines evaluate their algorithm frequently to provide the searchers with the best possible results that help them to solve their problem. Otherwise, SEO is an on-going learning system, and you have to keep yourself up-to-date with their algos. If you can follow their rules, your site will perform better in the SERPs. Otherwise, due to insufficient knowledge of SEO, your site may receive penalties due to keyword stuffing, black hat backlinks and the like.