The Homeland Security Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, is busy looking for volunteers for the south border mission. In her quest, she has recently sent out a letter to all the DHS employees, requesting them to come out and volunteer for the said mission.

There has been a surge in the migrants at the southern border. And the Customs and Border Protection, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement are currently not well equipped to handle the situation alone. They need volunteers to help in transportation, medical assessment, food distribution, and so on. Various requests have been sent out to people to come up and volunteer, even volunteer abroad in US if they are not a part of the country.

Along with this, the secretary has also requested attorneys to volunteer for conducting immigration litigation and case support. She also urged the doctors for assistance and other medical support.

It has become a dire situation for the USA to handle southern border efficiently. The migrants are increasing in number, but the manforce is very less. More people are needed to volunteer as long as the situation gets under control.

Volunteering has become a massive trend all over the world. People are getting motivated immensely to come up and volunteer to make the life of others good to live. Whether it is about helping your local people nearby or within your country, or going to volunteer abroas in different parts of the world, teams are being made up and pushed forward.

Every one in this world must come forward to make a positive impact on this world. If you can’t travel to far away places, start doing good near you.

And regarding the US situation, if you are a citizen of US, step out and help the team who is busy making a way for those migrants.