There are many health and fitness blogs on the internet today. But in this post, I will list Top 5 Health blogs in 2019.

Because Health and Fitness advices should only be taken from the credible sources. Otherwise, you can get in trouble with some wrong and stupid health advices.

The Health blogs which I will discuss are trusted by millions of people. So you don’t have to worry about its authority.

These blogs are one of the most popular blogs in the health niche. And they have been there from more than 5-10 years.

All of these blogs cover all the important health topics. Topics such as diet, nutrition, supplements, health news, and exercises. So nothing will be left from the health point of view.

Therefore, following these health and fitness blogs will be enough for you. So now let me share you the top 5 health blogs in 2019.

Top 5 Health Blogs to Follow in 2019

1. Healthline

Healthline is my personal favorite health blog. It provides in-depth articles on health, nutrition, and weight loss.

You can trust the information on Healthline. As they have got a huge number of audience visiting their website for health related news and articles. 

So do checkout this blog for health related stuff.

2. Diet Doctor

This blog is mainly dedicated to the diets.

You will find long articles on weight loss diets. Such as Keto diets and other low carb diets. It will help you to understand how to plan your diets properly.

This health blog is very well know and famous.

3. Mind Body Green

Mind Body Green is also an amazing health blog.

It also publishes content related to health and fitness on its blog. They mostly share information and articles related to mindfulness, food, movement and lifestyle.

The interesting part about this blog is that you can also listen to their podcasts.

So you should definitely checkout their website and podcast to stay update about health.

4. Healthista

This blog publishes articles on health, fitness, recipes, diets, and more.

It is a very popular blog too. You can also read about happiness here. The best part about this blog is that they also publish video content on their website.

So if you are someone who doesn’t likes reading. You can opt for videos and be still consume information related to health from Healthista.

5. Examine

Examine is one of the top health blogs today. They have a huge reader base.

The best part about is that they publish in-depth guides on important health topics. They also publish articles on supplements and nutrition.

And you should really checkout this blog to get correct information related to the supplements. Because there are many “not so good sources” of supplements which are getting popular these days.


These are my top 5 personal favorite health blogs which you can follow in 2019. All of these blogs are visited by millions of people every single month.

These health blogs covers all the health topics. Health topics such as Diets, Nutrition, Happiness, Supplements, and Exercises.

And I believe that everyone should strive to live a happy life. For that, getting the right information about the health is the very first step.

Therefore, I would strongly recommend you to visit these health blogs.