When developing content for their websites, many web writers picture prospective clients reading their text. They believe that there is something which lures them to their sites and makes them click. However, that is a mistake when it comes to writing for the web. As a web writer, you should not treat your web visitors as people who like to read printed text. This is because there is a huge difference between printed text and web copy.

When going through a website(s), many people do not read the whole text. They glance at it and capture a few things which may make them find an interest in reading some part of it. Web visitors hunt for products or information. They make hasty decisions based on what they see without critically and creatively thinking about it. So, “What should you do to direct a reader to a webpage?” What can you do to persuade a web visitor(s) to act if they do not read your copy? This article seeks to explain the tips on how to write good content for a website. Usually it’s a time consuming task you may spend long hours on writing. But at the beginning we recommend you do it yourself and then you may need someone to write an essay for you website, social net and think about strategy on how to optimize this process.. Then think about search engine you want to use. Learn all why to choose WordPress platform, what advantages it has and try test it. It’s the most popular platform.

Find your hungry visitors

As mentioned before, web visitors hunt for information or a product they can buy. When visiting a site, web visitors do not like spending much time looking for a particular product. They do not want to browse the entire website as they want to locate what they are looking for with ease. Hence, they can make a fast decision on the usefulness of your site. Thus, if you have a website which seems complicated and with a lot of options, the web visitors will not hesitate to check out another site. So, it is upon you to ensure your site is not too complicated and that web visitors can easily find what they are looking for by a mere glance. This helps them determine whether they are in the precise place or not.

Key information at the beginning

Web visitors can make a decision based on a mere glance of a website. Thus, you need to ensure that they get your message. And how do you do this? Key the essential information at the beginning. Through this, the audience will know and understand what you do. Hence, they will want more details about it. And fortunately, they may want some background information.

No need to be creative

Website contents writing is not like writing an essay where you need to embrace creativity to developing an exciting story. The visitor(s) will not hang on every word of your text. They do not have the time and can check out another site if they do not get what they are looking for. Creativity is not necessary when it comes to writing content for the web. The visitors want to know what you do and not learn about new vocabulary or phrases. So, keep your web content as simple as you can.

Write for “flipping” and scanning

According to research, a small percentage of people read web content word per word. The majority scan through it. So, to learn how to write good content, consider writing for scanners. First, check whether your headline conveys what you are all about? Second, look if your image caption talks of a sales message. Third, affirm that your sub-headlines provide a summary of your chief points. And last, reduce wordiness in your text by doing easy-to-scan. Web visitors want information on products. So, ensure they can understand the essentials through a mere glance at your page.

Special words

Special words are words web visitors look for when searching for a particular product. They do not want to come across embellished, fancy, or scientific phrases. This is because they will not be convinced that they are in the right place. Instead, use words and phrases they are familiar with.

Create content for lazy people

When writing web content, you need to factor in that some people are too lazy to look for anything. They prefer finding things with ease and very fast without going through many web pages. So, you need to create content that they can easily understand. And, you can do this by using short paragraphs and sentences, refraining from using unnecessary words, passive voice, and excessive repetition. Additionally, you need to address them directly.

Visitors come from anywhere

Web visitors come from anywhere. They can start reading your content from the start, the middle, or the end. So, to ensure they do not leave your site and check out others, make sure that each page is easy to scan. Give them a clarification of where they are and what you do. Also, provide a call-to-action which directs them where to proceed next. Do not use the navigation bar to tell the visitors what to do next. Rather, include a link or button which informs them of the next step to take.

Simple to find your site

Prospective clients hunt for information or products. You need to make them find you with ease. Provide them with useful information. With the help of an SEO, answer the questions they ask, discuss each key topic on its page, use words and phrases they look for, and incorporate links to pertinent pages on your site. All in all, be helpful.


Web content and web design work hand in hand. The visitors may not be able to read the content of your site. However, if you design it in a manner that will grab their attention, they will not hesitate to check out your website. Visualization sways the readability of your content.

In conclusion, writing compelling web content is not an easy task. There are many things you need to consider instead of picturing web visitors reading your text. Above are some tips you can use to learn how to write website copy and attract potential customers to your site.