In the age of mobile, it’s really no question that a good web design is paramount to the success of your business.

It doesn’t matter if you are a local pizzeria, a medium sized office-based business or a global conglomerate that deals with clients all over the world, your presence online is what people evaluate every single time they want to do business.

While some will check out your site to simply read up on your services, others will have their wallets at the ready, prepared to make mobile deposits, purchase goods and services or book appointments.

A modern and well-designed website will leave a great first impression, further convincing people that your goods and services are of the same high quality. There are three direct ways in which web design works in relation to web metrics.

1. Lowers Bounce Rate

Every web designer knows that if a site is visually appealing and attractive to the eye, it will make people stick around for longer. Actually, if you think about it logically, it makes all the sense.

Would you rather look at a site that’s outdated, incompatible on mobile, with images that look like they were taken in the last century? We bet not!

These days, a website that’s responsive to all devices, follows all of the latest design trends, has invested in good imagery as well as a decent copywriter, will win people over.

Needless to say, a good web design that lowers the rate of people leaving the site right away (aka bounce rate) will further boost the chances of your business in closing a sale.

2. Boosts Click Rates

Thanks to decreased bounce rate, people will be sticking around on your site for much longer than before. Click rates on the calls to action (CTA) that you’ve set up thus are also likely to go up.

While it’s not a direct causation, there sure is a correlation between the time spent on a site and the likelihood of someone clicking on a button, taking them to your sales page. And that’s one step closer to you actually closing the sale.

3. Bottomline – Increases Conversion Rate

You can see us coming the full circle here now. Through increased time spent on the site and more clicks on CTA’s, the conversion rate of your site is likely to see an increase as well.

If you invest in good web design and don’t skimp on hiring a true professional of the field, it can help you immensely to take your growth graph upwards.

And let us just reiterate hiring a random freelancer might not just cut it if it’s sustained and organic growth and expansion that you’re after. Cutting corners in crafting the perfect digital presence will have negative effects further down the line and it will be truly hard to unravel which parts of your site don’t work.

So, do yourself a favour and invest in some good web design today – your clients and your business will thank you with stellar impressions and results.