To succeed in your business, you definitely need to have an online presence. And this means, you also need to have a good website.

But making a website these days has become really difficult. The people no longer demand simple websites. So, you are either left with hiring a web developer, which can be costly, or experiment with the website yourself.

When you are just starting your business, going with the latter option seems much more sense, since you are already investing hugely in other areas. And in today’s time, making a website yourself has also become super easy with the help of website builders. There exist numerous website builders like elementor and various other elementor alternatives, both simple and difficult depending upon your design capability.

If you are a novice in the online field, then you should go with a simple website builder, which is offered by But what are these website builders?


A website builder is a set of tools, that allow you to make a website without having to code at all. With these, you can easily create any kind of page you want to, whether complex or an AMP page. For example, to rank a page in Google search, page speed is one of the important criteria. And AMP pages are those which load the fastest.

Each page on your website can be converted to an AMP page easily through the website builders.

8b Website Builder

Now, if you wish to launch your business online, a simple website builder can help you kick start your process quickly. And website builder offered by 8b is one of the best in that regard. 8b Website Builder is a free and simple online builder, that would help you create a mobile friendly website quickly and easily.

It is perfect for those who know very less to no coding at all. Self employed individuals and entrepreneurs can also benefit from this 8b Website builder.

How to Proceed?

These website builders allow you to choose a template from numerous options available on their website. The templates are based on popular topics around which website can be built. Pick one to start making a website.

With the 8b Website builder, you can easily edit that template the way you want. Add or delete the content and boxes as per your convenience, and give your template a final touch. Even a novice can easily create a website through this builder, due to the flexibility and user friendly approach they take.

Now all you need to do is publish the website! Your website is now ready to get promoted and viewed by the audience.


Some of the advantages this 8b website builder offers you are:

  • Flexible app to create website on phones and tablets as well
  • User friendly interface
  • Responsive and mobile friendly website
  • Latest designs
  • Completely Free
  • Easy to Use
  • Super Fast, and so on.

So start building your website with this simplest website builder if you have not done anything yet.