Landing page is often the most important page for a website. It is the page on which people land when they click on the search engine optimized link in the search results.

And such a page is important for every business, even if it is a travel website offering trips like Tanzania Safari.

If the page is not well designed to capture the target audience, you might even end up losing important customers. And that is the reason why majority of the businesses and websites are very serious for this page’s design. Most of the marketers spend hours and days together to design an appropriate page. And many even give up fighting the struggle.

There is nothing like a perfect landing page. But you can totally optimize the landing page of your travel website. Here are few tips that might come handy.

Be clear

Don’t drag the words on your landing page. The message should be very concise and clear. Whatever you are offering, be clear on that. For example, if you are the company booking trips like climbing Kilimanjaro, Mount Everest, or any such adventure, you don’t have to talk about your company history or about you, or anything like that. Simply share with your audience what you do here in as few words as possible.

Make your customers feel smart. Talk about the ultimate goal your customer might has. Think what could be the goal of your audience, and then make that goal your page’s headline.


Don’t make your page a clutter. We understand that you might want to share a lot of things with your audience and you just have this 1 page as your chance. But less the clutter, more the chances of people also reading other pages.

So focus on creating a simple landing page, that would attract the attention of people towards that 1 thing you want them to see. For a travel website, that can be a booking or reward.


Try to include contrasting colors in your landing page. Your background should be in such a color that your headline, text, buttons, etc. should come out loud and clear.

These few tips will greatly optimize the landing page of your website, winning you several clients.