Office work is often tiresome when you have to sit at the same place for more than 8 hours. But, that is even more problematic if you don’t consume a healthy diet along with putting long working hours. This combination is the most unhealthy option for someone who is working at an office. It can cause many illnesses, such as obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, and so on.

Add to that the temptation of vending machines that provide the junk food while you sit in front of your computer and munch all day long. But that is really not good. It is important you take good care of your health by having food full of nutrition. Since you have to spend long working hours in an office, eating right food is important to keep fueling your body and keeping you fit and healthy.

Here are some rules you can take care of, while you work at your desk in the office.

Healthy Breakfast

Having breakfast at home quickly before running for an office might not be really good. So, instead, bring your healthy breakfast to the office. This is the most important meal, and should be consumed properly so as to give your day a kick start. Here, you may include multi grain bread, tomatoes, cucumber, veggies, cheese, and so on. Having a slice of fruit along can be a great option as well.


Time between lunch and dinner is pretty long. So don’t go through the day without consuming some snacks. Moreover, it is important you keep consuming some food after every few hours. So keep some snacks with you, such as nuts, fruits, dried fruits, milk, etc. to consume after few hours of your lunch time. Better yet, see what your office snack delivery options are and see if your employers can provide the snacks. Ideally, you should consume two snacks in between lunch and dinner. This would keep your energy intact even after you reach home.

Variety of food groups in lunch

Don’t consume single type of food during lunch. It is important you keep a mix of items when you consume your lunch, so as to give your body all the right nutrients. Your lunch should contain salad, yogurt, vegetarian dishes, etc. Try preferring multi grain bread over white bread and rice.

Avoid coffee or tea

If you feel like consuming something good to drink, prefer having water with lemon. It is not only a healthy option in place of coffee and tea, but lemon is also good in Vitamin C and will keep your body hydrated.

Drink more water

Consume plenty of water in a day. Your ideal consumption should be 2.5 to 3 litres. This will help boost the metabolism of your body. And it is also very helpful in case of weight loss.

These few steps will be helpful in the scenario when you have to work for long hours in the office.

Author: Jessica Hall. To read more about weight loss tips and diet supplements visit her blog.