Why is the pricing of SaaS websites important for you? How do your customers perceive the value you offer them?

Have you ever questioned yourself with such doubts? If yes, you would understand how pricing of SaaS websites can make or break your business. The pricing page can have a huge influence on your business, in terms of leads, conversions, as well new sign ups by the customers.

And that is why, you should be cautious when putting together a perfect SaaS pricing structure for your own company. All people want to know is what is in it for them. And that is what you will tell them through your pricing.

Here are few things you should know while deciding the price.

Flat Rate Pricing / Subscription

If you are providing a service that comes at a flat rate per month, then going for subscriptions can be one of the best options for you. In order to make work easier for your clients, you can even offer them recurring subscription billing, where there accounts would be automatically charged with the flat rate each month in order to keep on using your company’s services. Paddle.com is one of the excellent sources that can help you achieve this goal.

Per User Pricing

This is a very common pricing structure used by many companies. If you are also providing service where you can charge differently depending upon the number of people using your services, then you can also go for such pricing structure. Here is an example of per user pricing of SalesForce.

Feature Based Pricing

You can also price your SaaS based on the features you provide. You might have seen such packages for different companies, where there is a basic package providing limited features, then you have a premium package where the features are increased, and so on. This way, people can choose what kind of package they wish to go for depending on the features they want.

But obviously, you have to choose the features carefully, to suit the needs of all your customers.

Pay as you Go

You can also charge your customers as and when they use the services. But one drawback which people face here is that they can’t estimate in advance how much resource would they use. Hence, they cannot deduce the costs beforehand. But this is also a great pricing structure if the usage of customers is very fluctuating.

Roll Your Own

This can be the best SaaS structure you can offer to your clientele. Here the clients can customize their own package, putting add-ons whichever they want. Though this is often a costly deal, but the clients get everything they want in just 1 package.

These are some of the pricing structures you should be aware of, based on which you can then decide upon the pricing structure of your own SaaS.