As the new technology is coming into the market so is the noticeable increase in the cyberattacks. One of the popular sector for hackers to attack is social media. Although various measures are being taken into consideration to prevent such attacks, still, there has been a significant increase in the number of such cases. Instagram is the popular medium which hackers are choosing to attack in order to steal valuable information of users. In this post, we have discussed the number of ways to prevent phishing emails on various platforms as well mentioned the ways to remain immune to Instagram phishing attacks.

Due to an enormous number of Instagram users, it has become possible for hackers to attack users easily and steal their important information to make it useful for illicit purposes. Over recent years, there is a significant increase in the Instagram phishing cases. By creating a fake login which looks similar to the original account, hackers fool Instagram users to sign in using their login details without letting them realize about it. Many online sources such as provide important information regarding dealing with phishing attacks. It is possible to prevent an Instagram phishing attack by following some steps mentioned below.

Read Permissions Carefully

Be smart while using social media accounts and keep yourself updated about latest advancements on a regular basis. You may be asked to authorize a given app but you need to first read about the permissions before authorizing it. It is mandatory to check whether the apps you use are secure or not. In the case of unsecured app platforms, it becomes possible for Instagram phishers to attack your account easily. Hence, always gives authorization permissions after reading the permissions carefully. This would help you to prevent Instagram phishing easily.

Enable two-factor Authentication

You should enable the two-factor authentication feature on your Instagram account. And it is available with almost every kind of accounts including Instagram. It is one of the best methods to prevent phishing which could help you to use your account securely. Among all the phishing prevention best practices, two-factor authentication could be easily followed to prevent phishing attack on your device. Also, one should not install any suspicious app as it could lead to stealing of passwords as well as username details from your device.

Use Reliable Sources to Download Apps

It is recommended to use only reliable sources to download an app such as Instagram. Most of the people who fall a victim to Instagram phishing make use of insecure platforms to download applications such as Instagram on their device. Also, you should keep an eye on the latest updates on how to prevent phishing emails from other computers.