Over the past few years, it has been found that the adult toys industry is booming at an excellent rate. There are several factors which influence the growth of adult toys in various regions of the world. The popular areas of the world where the sale of adult toys is increasing are Europe, APAC, North America, and ROW. According to reports, adult toys industry is expected to cross 13 billion USD by 2020. In this post, we have enlisted the number of factors which has led to the boom in the adult toys industry.


One of the factors which have contributed to the huge increase in the sale of adult toys globally is the growing openness in thinking. People no longer hesitate to talk about sex and hence this has led to an increase in the sale of adult toys, like those from loveloxy and from medical stores all over the globe. Japan and China are the two countries in which people buy adult toys on a large scale. Also, developing countries such as India, Vietnam, Thailand are witnessing a huge growth in the sale of adult toys.

Drive for Excitement

Another factor which has contributed to increasing the growth of adult toys industry is the increasing drive for excitement among people. Due to this, there have been a number of retail outlets and other stores have opened on a large scale which supplies a wide variety of adult stuff to the buyers. In China and Japan, the manufacturing rate of adult toys is very high and people of all ages love to buy such products on a large scale. Ladies buy vibrator on a large scale and the latest technology is used to make such products to give excellent results.

Increase in Income

Due to an increasing disposable income, there is a huge surge in the demand for sex toys all over the globe. Various adult toys such as geisha are being used by people on a large scale to experiment with them. This all has resulted from the increasing drive for excitement and experimentation. People love to invest some part of their high income in doing sexual pleasures and this is why adult toys market has been booming at an excellent rate. And in the coming future, this demand is going to increase more.